The Tour

A Brief Community Orientation

Welcome to, the largest automotive social network on the web. Be sure to log in or create a new account. It’s free and brings way more value to your time on this site.

General Stuff

Navigating This Site

Like any good social site, there are links EVERYWHERE. Don’t hold back... click your hearts out. We will, however, direct your attention to a few key areas that should help you get around: Top Navigation Bar, Notification Center and Dashboard.

Top Navigation Bar is divided into two main pieces: Community and Vendor Ratings. Both pieces of the site are community-driven, but the Community pieces is for content consumption and Vendor Ratings is for... [wait for it]... vendor ratings.

Community Navigation

Each piece has its own set of top navigation dropdown links full of links to pages you will love. To help you know which side of the site you’re on, we’ve made the bar at the top of the screen blue when you’re in the community and orange when you’re in Vendor Ratings.

Vendor Ratings Navigation

Notification Center

Red notification badges? How could we live without them?! Yes, the Notification Center in the upper right of the site lets you know when you’ve got new connection requests, when someone has sent you a message, and when you’ve unlocked a new achievement!

Notification Center Message Dropdown

You can also find links up here for your marketing console (if applicable), links to your private communities, settings and log out.


A third column of DrivingSales goodness?! Yes, friends, we felt that it was the best place for a user dashboard full of filters, quick links and your dScore. Your dashboard isn’t omnipresent... it’ll disappear when you’ve clicked into content pages (like a blog post or a forum discussion), but you can always find it on the home page.

Toggling between ‘standard view’ and ‘personalized view’ will turn on and off the DrivingSales Content Algorithm (a bunch of fancy mathematical equations that deliver relevant content to your stream). Standard view shows you everything posted to chronologically. The Personalized view shows you a feed of content posted to based on your job role, your interests and your connects.

The big, beautiful dScore reflects your engagement and influence. It will help you to identify other people who are active and knowledgeable within the community. Learn the details behind the dScore by visiting the dScore Description page.

DrivingSales Dashboard


A Focus on Forums

Forum discussions are front and center for the DrivingSales community. It’s the best place for members to ask questions and share their thoughts and ideas. On the homepage, you can find the most recent forum posts right up top. At a glance, it’s easy to see how many comments and overall views each post has.

The Forum Section

On the forum home page, it’s quick and easy to jump in. Start a new conversation by clicking the big green button [pic of start a conversation button] or search through other discussions by clicking on the 'department'.


A Blogging Community

Automotive professionals have good things to say. So, we encourage them to blog about it on Many of the experiences, ideas, issues, and especially solved problems become of huge benefit to other dealers throughout the world who are dealing with similar topics and issues when they’re blogged about in our community.

The Blogs Section

On the blogs home page, you’ll see featured posts displayed prominently along with a feed of recent posts added to the site. Below recent posts, you’ll find buckets of posts grouped by department, making it simple to peruse content most relevant to you.

Starting a New Blog

Before you can write a blog post, you need a blog to put the post into. The blogging engine on allows for each member to own or participate in multiple blogs, allowing writers to focus on specific topics or areas. It also allows dealerships to have a group blog, while still letting individuals to have more personal blogs.

Getting started is simple. Click on the big green ‘write a blog post’ button and fill out the details. You’ll be asked to choose a blog name and a blog URL. After creating the new blog, you’ll be taken to the blog control panel where you can get started managing or posting to your blog.

The Blog Control Panel

Each member has access to a blog control panel. This blogging command center shows you each of the blogs you’ve created or in which you participate (as a writer or editor). Below each of your listed blogs, you will see clickable options to write a new post, manage blog users, manage posts, manage pictures, etc.

Writing a Blog Post

DrivingSales Blogs are for sharing best practices and innovative knowledge with the community. We do NOT censor or control blog content; opinions are left up to you. We do ask that all bloggers respect the community by following two principles:

  1. Blogs are to share knowledge, not to write advertisements
  2. We value hearing multiple points of view and encourage everyone to participate. We expect everyone to be professional in their differences.

To write a post in your blog, click the ‘new post’ link in the blog control panel. Then, follow the directions on the ‘Write a Post’ page. At the bottom of the page, you’ll see two buttons: Publish and Save. Publish will make the post live immediately. Save creates a draft of your post so that you can finish editing later.