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Must Read: Five Guaranteed Ways To Get A Dealership To Use Your Product

Working with dealerships for a while now, I’ve seen the best ways to get every dealer to purchase your product EVERY TIME!  Vendors: Listen Up!

Assuming you want NEW DEALER BUSINESS, these are without question the top five ways to get it.  Make sure you follow EVERY single rule here, and you’ll be well on your way to getting tons and tons of dealers begging to use your product!

1) Make sure to pitch your product with absolutely no regard to what the dealer needs. Hey, times are tight, right? They should be LOVING you for pitching them at all! They sell new, luxury vehicles? Make sure to pitch them on a classic muscle car and subprime advertising subscriptions. They’ll love you for it, and if they can’t use it, you know they’ll be happy to pitch it over to their friends at the used car lot down the road! Just make sure you put “and if you can’t use this, can you send it to the general manager at another dealership who can?” It’ll be the least they can do, they’ll be sure to help you out!

2) Don’t EVER believe the General Manager when they tell you how they like to be contacted. They’re only doing that to TEST you! They say email? You say HOME PHONE! They say “You have 5 minutes,” Please – You say “I have all afternoon! What's for dinner?” Remember – They’re just testing you! They want to see how smart you are! Get around it!

3) FOLLOW UP, FOLLOW UP, FOLLOW UP! You should start phoning the Internet Manager (at home, preferably) no later than FORTY FIVE MINUTES AFTER YOUR INITIAL PITCH. Continue in two-hour increments, handing over the night-time duties to a subordinate – Remember – The squeaky wheel gets the grease – In this case, squeak every two hours until the dealer says YES!

4) If for some reason, the Sales Manager has decided to go with another vendor… Let the mayhem begin! This manager – Who does he think he is! Start with the angry emails – You’ve every right to get angry! Call him names – Best of all, threaten to go to his owner and threaten to pull up the years of consumer complaints and dealership ratings. They’ll see the error of their ways RIGHT quick, and you’ll be in like Flynn! Don’t forget to cc your legal team, and say “our legal team is cc’d. We hope it doesn’t come to having to use them.” That’ll scare them right quick!

5) Finally, dealers LOVE a challenge – Make it TOTALLY difficult for dealers to contact you – Don’t include your phone number OR a mobile phone. When you schedule demos, make SURE to reschedule them at LEAST three times – Hey – The dealer has to understand that you are LOT busier than they are – They’re just going to have to rearrange their schedule for you – And they will – Remember – They want your product, and in the end, they work for you!  To ensure a long-term, happy relationship be sure that your product has horrible customer service. When they call for assistance, put them directly through to voicemail and return their call no sooner than a week later. You could also consider outsourcing your call center - just make sure whoever answers the phone uses an English name, that'll mitigate any language barrier.

Just follow these five rules, and you’ll be rolling in new business faster than you can say “PROMOTION!”

What other great ideas can you recommend to get that guaranteed signature on the dotted line? Leave them below in the comments.

PS: This is complete and utter sarcasm, and you should NOT do anything listed above!






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Adam B.
Brady, I am glad that you got the humor in my post! To anyone who is wondering where this post originated from, check out Peter Shankman's blog:
Amy Taggart
What's sad is that you probably had to put that postscript in there. Would love to see how many views you got based on that headline alone!
Brady Irvine
Yes, it was a fantastic headline, and a funny post. Although it's a little scary to think that someone might not get the joke and believe that this is the way to approach business...
Adam B.
Unfortunately, some actually do approach business in this manner. This is why the DrivingSales community is so important because it empowers dealers and vendors alike. Thanks to all who enjoyed a laugh.
Paul Green
You missed one. Call and ask to speak to the owner of the dealership. Then refuse to leave a number for the owner to contact you, and refuse to say what the call is in reference to. It's good to build up anticipation by making them guess.

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