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Car Videographics - a Smarter Way of Content Marketing

It's quite possible that after watching Robert Zemeckis' “Used Cars” movie, you think that running a car dealership is lots of fun. Although, if you paid attention, you must have noticed the cut-throat competitiveness between the dealerships. I'm not suggesting, we're using the same methods to take out a competitor than back in 1980 but there's no doubt that the competition among car dealerships is fierce.

Has the internet made it any easier for us to make our way to the top? Yes and no. Yes, because the internet has provided a more level playing field, meaning that even a small dealership can get noticed if it plays its marketing cards right. No, because with almost every dealership having a website, it's very easy to get lost and remain unnoticed.

According to NADA, there are 17,500 franchised dealerships and according to IBISWorld, there are additional 120,000 used car lots in the U.S. Next time you plan out a marketing campaign, remember that you're competing with 137,500 other businesses. In most cases you won't be able to compete them with the marketing budget because the amount of money some dealerships spend on internet marketing is ridiculous!

However, with the big search engines and social media users favoring high-quality content, here's a golden opportunity for even a small car salesman to be heard and to be able to spread the word.

Ok, let's be real, article marketing is not as efficient as it used to be. Even if the stuff you write is interesting and cool, most of the car buyers are unlikely to want to pay attention and to spend 5 or 10 minutes reading your next super tips for buying a used car. Even if they read it to the end, they're probably not remember who wrote this.

The amount of data processed by the average internet user has risen exponentially during the last couple of years. The level of buzz and background noise is so high that after a couple of hours spent on Facebook and YouTube, the user hardly remembers anything he's seen or heard. As a rule, the users will remember something that has stood out, something that has been both informative and entertaining.

A few years ago, there was a lot of buzz surrounding a new type of media – infographics. They still work, and the DrivingSales has a good article covering the basics of Automotive Infographics. Nevertheless, the static infographics seem to be going out of fashion. What's the next big thing you might ask? Videographics! Videos have a much better chance of getting the message across and being remembered.

For a good example on how to execute a successful videographic, check the Ford Eco93b8e9d88103064152ae8f4fc9ef5164.jpg?t=1. This video hasn't required a big budget or a huge team.

You need three elements to succeed:

  • A good set of data that people can relate to;
  • A cool and simple design and an interesting storyline;
  • Video editing software like Windows MovieMaker or CyberLink PowerDirector.

As far as marketing channels are concerned, there are many ways a car dealership can promote a videographic. You can reach out to relevant blogs, embed them on your sites and social media profiles and share your video on the main video sites like YouTube and Vimeo.

When sharing the video, make sure you add an original description for every site. The description should also mention your car dealership name as close to the beginning as possible. That's how you build brand awareness.

Curt Kelley
Just curious, are there any metrics showing if the Video's are effective (or not) at converting the viewer into a lead?
Arvid Linde
@Russ, thank you for your comment! @Curt, I don't think anyone has shared those metrics for our particular industry. There is an unrelated case study showing how video content helped online retailers to increase their conversion rate. Whether this can be applied to the car industry, I don't know. It also depends on how well the viewers respond to your video and if you manage to add a subtle "call to action" at the end of the video.
Curt Kelley
Thank you for the info, pretty interesting is that wether or not people watched the video, just the fact it was there, somehow, made a difference. "Increase when comparing the users who could watch video (whether watched or not) to control group: +46.22%" "Increase when comparing the users who could watch video (whether watched or not) to control group: +27.05%" It appears, on the surface, that for these products it did assist in engagement.
Russ Chandler
I think its okay to assume if a page or piece of content includes a video it is more likely to be worth reading or viewing. This is probably why you still see a lift without visitors even watching the video at times. Video's take more time and work therefore applied to the more valuable content.

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