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Jared Hamilton
From: Jared Hamilton
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How The Use of Artificial Intelligence in Search Will Affect Your Marketing Efforts

David Amerland It’s not rocket science and the net result is more eyeballs to your website, greater trust in your brand and more sales through your forecourt. READ MORE
David Amerland
Best-selling Author, Speaker, Analyst & Strategic Advisor

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BDC Departments will Grow New Car Sales

BDC Departments will Grow New Car Sales - How to utilize your best marketing tool, a Business Development Center, to develop a consistent flow of organic new car sales every month.…

3 Ways To Boost Sales At Your Dealership

3 Ways To Boost Sales At Your Dealership

The name of the game at an auto dealership is selling cars and having customers keep returning when they need some kind of service or repair done to their …

Most Manage, Few Lead: Which One Are You?

Most Manage, Few Lead: Which One Are You?

Members of LinkedIn are bombarded with memes and motivational pictures. Between the Ned Stark photos and the cool car pictures, everyone seems to think…

Virtual Retailing - the Future is Now

Virtual Retailing - the Future is Now

The idea of virtual reality has always been mind-blowing. Put on a pair of goggles and be transported somewhere new without moving your feet. For decades, …

Predicting Your Next Buyer

Predicting Your Next Buyer

Trying to understand who your best target customers are can be a painfully long, and expensive, process that can result in thousands of wasted marketing do…

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Chris K Leslie
AT LAST: Attribution Claims its Throne

Chris K Leslie  Finally! I can't wait..  Attribution has been on the front of my mind for the last couple of years. Money is real and results should be real too. None of this "well, this is like this because of this" wishful BS crap.. 

Joe Tareen
Predicting Your Next Buyer

Joe Tareen  Hi Susan. Great to see you again as well here on DrivingSales. We are doing some great things with service drive sales opportunities using both big and local data!!!!  

Director's Cut Automotive Video
Make Your Dealership Videos Count

Director's Cut Automotive Video  After almost five years now of producing video content for dealers, my team and I have definitely seen everything mentioned in this post come to life. Keeping up on quality, meaningful content, and fan interaction are all key compenents to success, especially now that it's so accessible. Customers have even purchased cars from our clients because of the videos we have produced. Don't underestimate the difference video can make!

mark rask
Social Media Sales

mark rask  Gmc also has some basic social media training in global connect that is free

mark rask
Social Media Sales

mark rask  Driving sales also has a pretty good course on social media .

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