Anna Willis

4 Tips for Leveraging your Google+ Business Page for SEO

Now your Google Places page isn’t just a directory listing, it is a social powerhouse with infinite opportunities for leveraging your photos, videos, and community involvement. As of now, links that are placed in your content feed on Google+ provide SEO value (social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and the up and coming Pinterest do not provide the same type of SEO value when you link within those platforms.) With that said, it is crucial, more than ever to have an integrated digital marketing strategy. 1+1 doesn’t equal 3 anymore, it equals 5! Read Post

Google+ Local (the New Google Places) Merging with Google+ Business, huh?

Right now, Google+ Local (your Google Places page) doesn’t have the same functionality as a Google+ Business page. Google+ Business is like having a Facebook page for your business and allows you to do all of the items listed in 4 Tips for Leveraging your Google+ Business Page for SEO. It is anticipated that Google will be merging these two pages at some point in the near future, just like Facebook did with their places check-in feature.

  • If you have a Google+ Business page:
    Make sure the email address you are using for this page matches the email address used for your Google Places account. Google advises this will be a primary way they will merge the two pages together in the near future.
  • If you do not have a Google+ Business page:
    Google SHOULD create a Google+ Business page if you have a Google+ Local (Google Places) Page. This should occur within a few months.
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Siri: The New Starlet of Dealer Mobile Search

Have you caught Siri fever yet? If not, let’s start with the basics: Siri is an intelligent, voice-activated personal assistant feature for the iPhone 4s. Siri has the ability to schedule appointments for you, remind you to call home after work, search for a restaurant nearby, and pretty much anything a personal assistant can do besides get you coffee or take your dog Fifi to the groomers for her weekly manicure. How does Apple Siri affect the automotive SEO industry? The impact for dealers is clear: with iPhone 4s sales topping out at a record-breaking 4 million, it’s safe to say a sizeable amount of your car shoppers are now using Siri-enabled phones for their automotive research. Therefore, making your dealership’s information “Siri-friendly” should be a key consideration for dealers looking to corner the market in mobile search. Two Tips around how to best incorporate Siri in your digital automotive strategy: Read Post