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Ford Announces OpenXC Platform

By Eric Miltsch on Jan 9, 2013


Ford is making revolutionary strides for the industry with the announcement that its OpenXC platform is publicly opening its software development kit (SDK) to encourage developers to build new hardware and software for the platform.

The goal of this new platform, built on the Arduino and Android platforms, is to allow complete access to the data being created within the vehicle. Developers can now build software programs to access, read and complete new actions that will ultimately lead to improved driving experiences. This is where it gets fun and interesting for the driver. The key element here is being able to take this data and turn it into readable information and then pass this information along to create a mountain of benefits. Everyone wins with revolutionary progress like this: 

  • Cheaper, less expensive solutions for the manufacturers (Equating to higher margin for the OEM's) 
  • Higher quality vehicles due to baked in value
  • Improved safety features - sensors reading more info and talking to each other more frequently
  • Leverage location-based data for improved sensor performance

The potential impact for the industry is incredible: technology improvements, value perceptions and eventually even the sales process as salespeople and dealerships will need to be well informed about these advances. Keep your eyes on this development as this open trend takes footing in the industry as news of GM's own open platform is announced this week at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.




Wow! That's a huge step forward for OEMs and for the industry. With this kind of thinking being implemented, I believe we'll see some very cool innovative jumps forward in areas that haven't really gotten a ton of attention previously. Nice job, Ford. This will be really interesting to watch over the next year.

Jan 9, 2013

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