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Breakout Speakers Announced for 2013 #DSES!

By DSNews on Jul 30, 2013

The DrivingSales Executive Summit is a major piece of delivering on a promise DrivingSales set out to fulfill from it’s inception, which is to create a professional network and deliver unbiased information so innovative dealers can reach a high-performance level by making educated decisions. DSES breakout speakers allow insightful dealers and industry leaders to share actionable strategies that can be immediately implemented into dealerships in preparation for a successful 2014.

Thanks to you, the innovative dealer, DSES has organically grown into something bigger than anyone could have imagined. As we enter our fifth installment of DSES, we are overwhelmed with the amount of support and excitement we have received… in other words: Dealers are stoked for DSES 2013, and so are we!  We received nearly 150 speaking proposals—more than ever before.  Only the top 10% were selected by a Dealer Review Panel by providing feedback and voting on the submissions.  We then collect the results and present them in the agenda. No paid speaking engagements, and no sales pitches—there’s no need to travel all the way to Fabulous Las Vegas to hear a sales pitch, right? Attendees come to DSES to get the most progressive information selected by the most progressive dealers, period—end of story.

Because the competition to speak at DSES was at an all-time high this year, we’re confident the agenda will blow you away!  Highlights include a wide variety of subjects such as “Out experiencing your competition: How culture creates customers,” “Advanced Digital Strategies for Advanced Internet Dealers,” “5 Easy Steps to Understanding and Implementing a Video Marketing Gameplan,” and “Sales Hiring For Retention,” not to mention topics covering strategies for CRM, fixed ops, selling pre-owned vehicles, leveraging ‘big data,’ and how to drive digital traffic and SO much more! Congratulations to the following speakers who were selected by the dealers – for the dealers – to speak at the DrivingSales Executive Summit October 13-15 at the Bellagio Las Vegas. Register now before the early bird rate expires on August 15th!

  • Todd Caputo (The Sun Auto Group)
    Used Vehicle Secrets from the “Used Car King!”
  • Grant Cardone (Cardone Training Technologies)
    Demand Greatness! How Leaders Cultivate Excellence
  • Jonathan Dawson (Sellchology)
    Out-experience Your Competition: How to Build a Culture That Creates Customers.
  • Kass Dawson (Facebook)
    Big Data, Better Data: How People-Driven Marketing Will Drive Sales
  • John Fuhrman (Autofair Dealer Group)
    Sales Hiring For Retention
  • Dennis Galbraith (DrivingSales)
    Back from 2018.  Prepare for the Next 5 Years of Automotive Retailing.
  • Grant Gooley (Boyer Auto Group)
    “The Shift”:  Creating a Digital Culture Within Your Dealership
  • Adam Grossman (Auction Direct USA)
    Putting Dealership Numbers to Work: Using Data to Drive Actionable Results
  • Michael Groves (Twin Cities Automotive)
    How We Increased Sales with Data, A/B Testing, and Process Optimization – A Case Study
  • Shane Hambly (e-Dealer)/ Nisha Abraham (Google)
    Extreme-targeting: How to Generate PERFECT Digital Traffic!
  • Bradley Hampton (KPA)
    Advanced CRM Tracking and Optimization
  • David Kain (
    Advanced Digital Strategies for Advanced Internet Dealers
  • Amit Maheshwari (Dealertrack Digital Retailing)
    Supercharging Digital Marketing Spend with a Digital Retailing Strategy
  • Dale Pollak (vAuto)
    "Big Data" Drills Deep In Used Vehicles, Dealers Win
  • Matthew Smith (Darling’s Auto Group)
    Change the Game: Rise Above the Competition with a New Approach to Marketing
  • Adam Thrasher (cDemo Mobile Solutions)
    5 Easy Steps to Implementing an Advanced Video Marketing Gameplan
  • Craig Waikem (The Waikem Auto Group)
    Bring Control of Your Digital Marketing and Advertising In-House
  • Shaun Weissman (Rallye Auto Group)
    Revolutionizing your Fix Op Processes: From Customer Service to Service Drive Prospecting
  • Aaron Wirtz (Subaru of Wichita & Super Car Guys)
    Befriending the Lonely Community Manager

Learn more about these speakers and the DrivingSales Executive Summit agenda at


Looks sensational! I can't hardly wait!

Jul 30, 2013

What an awesome lineup! Looking forward to good times come October.

Jul 30, 2013

Great group! Well done DS!

Jul 30, 2013

The key is to have the ability to be in as many rooms as the same time! Can't wait!

Jul 31, 2013

An awesome lineup of respectable vendors - and wow, 9 incredible dealers. (And I'll also add that two are from NY - way to represent Todd & Adam)

Will, we could set up iPads in one room and watch from another via Facetime:)

Jul 31, 2013

Great idea, Eric! Or maybe get some "Google Glasshats" (credit to Ed Brooks) to stream? :)

Aug 13, 2013

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