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DrivingSales University Partners with MDA

By DSNews on Aug 6, 2013

Our own DrivingSales University (DSU) is happy to announce a new automotive partnership with the Motor Dealers’ Association of Alberta (MDA). This partner ship allows DSU’s dealership training program available to over 330 MDA members.  In collaboration with the MDA, DrivingSales is offering over 250 DSU training sessions, as well as a path to certification for Internet marketing and lead-handling processes, all at an MDA-exclusive discounted rate.  

Jared Hamilton, DrivingSales CEO and founder, said, “Our missions are united — we are both focused on better automotive dealership management and profitability.  With our new DSU/MDA program, we are looking forward to helping improve the digital marketing and management skill set - and driving greater profitability and success - in the retail automotive industry in Alberta.”

“Our market is evolving so rapidly that keeping up with the digital, mobile and social media revolution, as well as with major changes in customer behavior, is a challenge for even the most sophisticated dealership -- let alone those whose resources must be focused on selling cars, not researching the latest updates on digital media.  This is why we are so pleased to introduce this fantastic training opportunity from DrivingSales University to the Canadian market, and at a special rate for our members,” said Denis Ducharme, president of MDA. “With DSU, our members have quick and easy access to a turnkey on-demand learning platform, with constantly updated curriculum from industry experts, proven to drive results for any dealership from the largest to the smallest. Plus each dealership is provided with a performance coach for hands consulting.”

Already adopted by hundreds of dealers in the US – and the official online platform for the National Automobile Dealers Association - DSU is the only fully interactive online university of its kind in the automotive industry and is dedicated to providing up-to-the minute profit-building Internet sales and marketing strategies to dealerships.

For more information about this partnership and how it can help your dealership, please contact Ron Henson at DrivingSales University.

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