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DSES 2013 Innovation Cup Award: Finalists Announced

By DSNews on Aug 13, 2013

We at DrivingSales are thrilled to announced this year's finalists for the fourth annual DrivingSales Innovation Cup Award selected by our Dealer Advisory Board. Company and product names were not seen by the voting dealers while selecting the finalists.

The Innovation Cup is designed to recognize the most innovative dealership solutions of 2013. Finalists will compete onstage for the Innovation Cup Award at the 2013 DSES, which will be held Sunday, October 13th -15th at the Bellagio in Las Vegas. DSES had record attendance in 2012 and has sold out every year since inception. It remains unique in the industry because auto dealers determine the speakers and agenda rather than sponsors or vendors. 

The 2013 Innovation Cup Award finalists are:

  • CarWoo’s CarWoo! Connect
  • DealerSocket’s Enterprise Dashboard Reporting
  • Flick Fusion’s Live Video App with Sales Overlay System
  • PureCars’ SmartAdvertising
  • RedBumper’s SmartPrice™


The five Innovation Cup finalists will present their solutions onstage at the DSES on October 14h. A panel of dealer judges will ask questions of each presenter and score each product. The solution with the highest score will be presented with the Innovation Cup Award for “Most Innovative Solution of 2013” on the final day of the Summit. We hope you will join us in congratulating this year's finalists!



Learn more about the DrivingSales Executive Summit at



Congrats to all the finalists! I'm looking forward to seeing all of your presentations! :-)

Aug 14, 2013

Congrats! Excited to see what they have to offer. Goodluck!

Aug 14, 2013

Can't wait to see the presentations

Aug 16, 2013

I love this portion of DSES - this is how dealers get a glimpse into the latest & greatest of the retail biz. Want to stay current? Pay attention to this segment.

Congrats to everyone selected this year!

Aug 16, 2013

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