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Cool Ways to Leverage QR Code Campaigns at Your Dealership

In my first series installment, I explained how QR codes are expanding in popularity. However, it is important to use them properly in order to achieve the results you want. Now that you are inspired, here are some ideas and ways to create a campaign at your dealership! Great, they scanned; they are on the landing page, now what? Make sure there is a single, clear and simple call to action that you want the user to take. Such as: Create a Poll – Which Chevy [or insert make] vehicles do you like the most? See what vehicles are the most popular or well-liked in your community. Maybe they can teach you something new. Check in Deals/Offers – Use posters and flyers around the dealership, in the service waiting room, to check in and get an offer. Perhaps a discounted oil change or free tire rotation for checking in and/or liking your Facebook page to incentivize your fan base. Another key benefit here is the ability to interact with these customers over a longer p... Read Post

The Black and White Truth About QR Codes

Remember a couple years back when Bluetooth earpieces first came out and you thought people were walking around talking to themselves in public? Eventually - after 3 or 4 times of glaring in a state of confusion - you caught on and now I’m sure it doesn’t even faze you to see someone walking down the street talking out loud for the world to hear. The same goes for QR codes. Chances are you have been walking around your city and seen them on billboards, busses, bus stops, or while reading a magazine and/or newspaper.  Maybe you scanned them, maybe you didn’t. QR codes are wildly popular in Japan and India. Even though we are still catching on here in the U.S, and saw a 300% increase last year, we have everything we need to be just as hooked, our smart phone. First Things First, Some Smart Phone Stats How many times a day do you go on the internet on your smart phone? Probably more than you can guess. Look at your data usage the next time you get your bi... Read Post

A ‘Pinteresting’ Experiment: The Case of the Pink Car

  A Mini Series: Part 4, Final Episode.  Putting together everything we have learned in this miniseries, I created a little experiment. I created a “Car” Board on my Pinterest profile to see what kind of results I would get. I posted 2 “beefy” trucks and 2 classic cars. I added hash tags like #ClassicCars, #CustomTruck, #Chevy and #ChevySilverado to see if this would help in search visibility. The results are in-and they surprised me!   Here’s the verdict: my classic pink car got 2 likes and 21 “repins” in the four hours since it’s been posted. It’s my most successful pin to date. In the four weeks since posting, the total stats are 12 likes and 68 “repins.” My trucks were more of a slow boil. Currently, the white truck received 38 “repins,” where as the red truck only has 6 “repins.” Slowly, I added in other vehicles to see how they would perform. Check out the ... Read Post

5 “Pinteresting” Ways to Build Your Dealership Brand (A Mini Series)

Can a dealership use Pinterest to build their brand? The answer is yes. Social media is all about identifying and expressing ourselves. Pinterest has taken this one step further by expressing “cool” things we find on the internet through pictures. Get your dealership in on the action with these ideas. Five Creative Ways to Build Your Brand on Pinterest Create a board for each model. For example a Chevy dealer may create boards for Corvettes, Camaros and/or Silverados. Upload your own photos (make sure they are high quality!) or find some on the internet. If your dealership has a performance center, or you specialize in customization, you can take photos of the cars and place them in a board named “Our Work.” Here you can showcase all the special features you have done that you can show your customers (and have them drooling). I would go one step further with the above and break it out by “Our Work: Interiors” and “Our Work: Ext... Read Post

Rules of the Road: Best Practices for Pinterest

A Mini Series, Part 3 Now that we’ve gotten the creative juices flowing, here are some best practices before you start “pinning” away. Do not self-promote or blatantly advertise your dealership. Keep the content light and fun. The goal is to showcase your dealership’s character so people can identify with you and/or your brand. Make your images search engine-friendly by incorporating hashtags. However, avoid “overhashing!” A rule of thumb is to only use the two or three best hashtags that describe the image (any more than that and it will look like spam-gasp!) For example, some good hashtags would be: #CustomChevy #MuscleCar. #LittleRedCorvette Again, I must reiterate the importance of high quality photos. Car shopping is a very visual experience, so make your Pinterest boards into virtual candy stores for your dealership. The better the quality of the images, the more your brand will stand out. In addition to high-quality photos, us... Read Post

Using Pinterest To Market To Car Enthusiasts (A Mini Series)

Pinterest Mini Series Part 2

Meet my friend Blaine (see images below). These are his boards filled with his interests. Notice his 'Board' for 'Cars/moto love.' When clicking on that board it takes me to the pictures he has 'pinned.'

When clicking on that board it takes me to the picture he has 'pinned.' Clearly, we see he likes motorcycles and classic cars like the orange BMW.

Here is how you can find car enthusiasts like Blaine.

1) Go to the 'Cars & Motorcycle' category.

2) Look for 'Pins' that are specific to your dealership. For example, if you are a Porsche dealership, look for people who have boards that are similar such as "Porsches" or "Luxury Cars," and follow those Pinners.

3) To follow, click on the board name, in the cases below "Porsche." This will take you to their board, and click the big red "Follow" button.

4) To see who you are following and who is followin Read Post