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Automotive SEO Made Easier With

Car Dealer WikiWikipedia made popular the technology used on many "wiki" websites which allows for web pages to be created and edited without requiring HTML programming knowledge.

The largest "wiki" website for the automotive industry is This website is a great resource for dealers embarking on a Automotive Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaign and also for dealers who want to syndicate their used car inventory. is a free website that is for employees of car dealerships, vendors of the automotive industry, and related automotive service and news providers. Getting started with CarDealerWiki is as simple as creating an account and completing the sign-up form.

It is recommended that you register with an email account from your business and NOT from Gmail, Yahoo, or Hotmail. Once your registration is approved, normally within 24 hours, you can claim your dealership profile page and create powerful content and backlinks. Email accounts not associated with a business website will not be approved to reduce spam.

Creating More Automotive Backlinks


AUtomotive BacklinksOne of the most powerful ways a car dealer can increase the search authority of their website is to build quality backlinks from well respected websites.

The more links a dealer has pointing to his relevant website content, the higher that page will rank in the search engines. Think of links as "votes" to your website pages.

It is a challenge to find free websites that allow car dealers to post original content and create backlinks on a variety of keywords and phrases. CarDealerWiki is one of the best websites to assist dealers with content publishing and backlink building.

In fact, the site has a number of automated features that make content generation and link building very easy, some which are shown below:

  1. You can drop in your RSS feed from (view example)
  2. You can drop in your RSS feed of new car inventory (view example)
  3. You can drop in your RSS feed of used car inventory (view example)
  4. You can drop in customer testimonial videos from Youtube
  5. You can drop in your RSS feed from your blog

Capital Ford Lincoln in Canada has a very detailed profile page and sub-pages that integrates their inventory, videos, and their blog posts. Take a peek by visiting their page at:

Marketing Used Cars on CarDealerWiki


Hillsboro Used Cars For also supports the Automotive Advertising Network (AAN) data feed so members have direct access to their inventory with searchable RSS parameters so they can create used car marketing pages for any make or model.

The architecture of really empowers car dealers to build links to their Vehicle Detail Pages.

This is a significant competitive edge that is little talked about in the industry. Not all website providers provide a properly formatted RSS feed of car inventory, but for those that do, dealers can really leverage this website.

Midway Motors in Kansas created a Used Car marketing page for Hillsboro Kansas and the cars shown on this page provide not only more visibility for their cars but also links back to their main dealership website and Vehicle Detail Pages (VDP)

CarDealerWiki Pages Index For Automotive Search Phrases


The key with any SEO campaign is to see if Google is respecting the content and links generated from a third party website and in this matter is a superstar.

Take a look at the screen capture below for a search on the phrase "Nissan Altima Marlboro". Marlboro Nissan operates a dealership in Marlboro Massachusetts and the content pages he created on CarDealerWiki is helping to defend his PMA.

Marlboro Nissan Dealer

You will see that CarDealerWiki has two listing on Google Page One. In fact, 90% of this page is filled with search results that Tim Martell, Internet Marketing Director and founder of WikiMotive has implemented for his store.

You can also search for a Fiat Dealers in the USA with a term like "Fiat Dealers USA" and you will see that is on Google Page One for this national search phrases.

Type into Google "Regina Ford Service" and you will see on Google Page One for a dealer created service page.

Dealers Can Be Creative


The power of is that car dealers can create pages for new cars, used cars, service, parts, and warranty repairs in their local markets. Well formatted content pages can link back to the dealer's primary website to enhance the search authority of their main website.

Since dealers need more search visibility and links and content are a part of that solution, I encourage all car dealers in the US and Canada to create an account and get started building out content on for their dealership.

If you are a website provider or an SEO Consultant working on behalf of a dealership, you can assist your clients on as well. Register with your business email address and complete your profile and your one login can be used for all your clients. Now get to work!

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