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Brian Pasch

Brian Pasch CEO

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When The Luster Comes Off Your Apple

On my recent trip to Italy, my Apple iPhone 4S  started acting funny on Day One and by Day Two I had no cell phone service.  

My Apple iPhone 4s was giving me an error message "No SIM Card Installed".    

I called AT&T and their support team said that nothing in their database reflected this type of problem.  AT&T told me that there was no local support in Italy, so I had to wait till I returned to get the phone repaired.

I was not happy with that message from AT&T!

Apple iPhone ZMOT

I researched online and found that hundreds of people had reported this problem with the iPhone 4S on the Apple Support blog but strangely enough, there was NO official response from Apple.  Why would Apple be silent on a problem of this severity?

I was furious that the "smart" device that I counted on for GPS navigation and emails was not working.  I was blocked out from business calls and even from keeping up with Tim Jackson with Four Square check-ins! :))

When The Shine Comes Off Your Apple

This was the first time I experienced a manufacturing flaw with Apple hardware which previous to this incident was flawless.  The shine has come off my perception of Apple.   When I needed them to come through, they failed.

It turns out that I found a blog post on my LAST day in Italy that showed why this was happening and how to fix it.  I searched the Internet earlier in the week, but it was not until today that I found a fix to the physical hardware.

I followed the instruction on and in 2 minutes it was fixed. 

How Do You Handle Failure?

I'm sharing this experience because it is a great reminder that as hard as we all work to deliver excellence in our endeavors, sometimes we drop the ball.  When we drop the ball, it impacts our credibility and the faith that our customers place in us.

I will not travel to Italy again without a backup GPS unit.  Apple no longer is that perfectly reliable device that I once thought.  I still love my iPhone but will I rush to get the next upgrade before I hear what consumers are saying?  No.

This experience may just temper my Apple buying patterns because obviously a manufacturing flaw exists and Apple is silent on the matter.  That's not good for business and transparency.

How does your business handle customers when you drop the ball?  



Brian Pasch CEO of PCG

Brian Pasch, CEO

PCG Digital Marketing

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Chris Costner
Brian, I wonder how long the issue had been going on. Seems like with as many posts you found online, it was significant. From Apple's standpoint, it is a textbook NO NO on ignoring what was going regarding their company in the social world and to top it off, the type of support and customer service you received on the telephone. Dropping the ball is just that, you can't sugarcoat it or make it sound any better to a customer however you can address it head on, acknowledge the mistake and get a plan in place to remedy the situation.
Brian Pasch
I went to AT&T back here at home and they replaced the SIM card and for now, it is back working. So strange....I wonder if the hardware is frying the SIM cards.
Travis Mitchell
Down with the Provider! They could care less about you, as long as you bill some minutes. Here is where to go when somehting breaks.
Jim Bell
#Epic #fail on Apple's part. If they have had other customers having that issue, they had to known at customer support what the fix was. Guess the ZMOT was a #fail for them.
Bryan Armstrong
Ha! This is hitting a little close to home. I am a BIG time Droid guy and had a problem after the last update with the phone freezing. I contacted Sprint and after 3 "escalations" a lady informed me that it just sounded like I had "Buyer's Remorse" as her husband didn't have the type of problems with HIS HTC Evo that I did. I payed for a new phone and will ride out the 6 Months of my contract and terminate my 8 year relationship with Sprint. It's not about the money, but the response. Sadly, it happens every day in Dealerships everywhere and is most often felt by someone having to "get approval" for trivial #custserv expenses. Good points Brian.

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