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Brian Pasch

Brian Pasch CEO

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The New Online Search: You Are What You Eat

The New Online Search: You Are What You Eat

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BDC, as easy as 123

BDC, as easy as 123

  Yes, I know it’s a Jackson 5 song and yes, I know that a BDC isn’t the easiest thing to launch and manage at our dealerships.  B…

Someone Created Fake Wi-Fi Networks at the RNC — and it Could Affect Your Dealership

Someone Created Fake Wi-Fi Networks at the RNC — and it Could Affect Your Dealership

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Master the 5 F&I Metrics that Matter Most

Master the 5 F&I Metrics that Matter Most

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Continous changes

Continous changes

As we all are aware the automotive business changes daily. Recently I received an advertising flier from a local dealer at my personal address. "Buy b…

Google Places Analytics Data Loss in November

If you have been wondering why your Google Places analytics data has been light in November, it looks like there is a systemwide data evaporation across the Google network from November 20th thru November 27th.

I also have found this problem being discussed online on this Google support thread.  

This BUG impacts the month of November analysis so don't panic.  It looks like it has been fixed and data is being collected and reported.

This was actually discovered because we got a call from Alex Jefferson from Proctor Honda and it forced us to dive into the situation.  

Thank you Alex for alerting this problem and now we can advise the automotive community.

As much as I try to keep up with things pertaining to Google, any time someone sees something odd, please send me a note to: . 

It's great when we all work together to solve what seems to be the greatest puzzle of all time:  Google.


Google Places In Your Digital Strategy

Google Places is a very important aspect of your Page One Defense (POD Score) as well as your online reputation marketing.  If you have not invested in merchandizing and optimizing your Google Places page, this is a wake-up call to get that done.

At the 2012 Digital Marketing Strategies Conference there will be specific workshops that cover Google Places optimization, Google Adwords Express, and In-Store Reputation Management processes which are connected with Google Places.  Don't miss the opportunity to stand out from local dealers during the Zero Moment of Truth.


Brian Pasch CEO of PCG

Brian Pasch, CEO
PCG Digital Marketing
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Jim Bell
Mine is showing normal so maybe mine was fixed before I even noticed.
Bill Simmons
I have 2 Google Places pages and they both show the same data missing that Brian presents in the charts. Interesting though that in Google Analytics, the clicks and traffic from Google Places is reporting properly for that time period.

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