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Selling vehicles to our service customers

Selling vehicles to our service customers

Looking for proven ways to sell vehicles to our service customers.  We have about 50 RO's daily and would like to know what others are doing effec…

Video Merchandising - Does it matter?

Video Merchandising - Does it matter?

Service Advisors: Is It Being Done, Or Is It Being Done RIGHT?

Service Advisors: Is It Being Done, Or Is It Being Done RIGHT?

There’s a great divide between going through the motions and getting the job done right. Are your customers getting the best from your staff? …

Selling To Women vs. Selling To Men

Selling To Women vs. Selling To Men

Selling to women has been a topic in dealership training for years. But this technique of differentiating women from men as decision makers, as unpopular a…

Interview with Kyle Reyes – Most Viewed Exclusive Blog In June

Interview with Kyle Reyes – Most Viewed Exclusive Blog In June

Hi Everyone! We'd like to congratulate Kyle Reyes! Kyle had the most viewed exclusive blog in June: This Study About Millennials And Booze Will…

Great By Choice Book Review

I've made a commitment to read 70 books a year and one of my latest finds is "Great by Choice" written by Jim Collins.

I actually received the book as a gift from Jane Berentson, Editor in Chief at Inc., to whom I am very grateful for the introduction of this book.

Great by Choice  grabbed my attention in the second chapter as Collins tells readers about the two adventurers who set out to be the first people in modern history to reach the South Pole.

The contrast between the two leaders of the expedition parties is what immediately made me stop an think about my business strategy.

Roald Amundsen and Robert Falcon Scott both set a bold goal, just like many entrepreneurs.  One achieved his goal and the other one was frozen to death.

Want To Create 10X Results?

Jim Collins documents business leaders that achieved what he calls "10X" results.  Collins entices readers early in chapter two with this statement: "Let's first look at what we did not find about 10Xers relative to their less successful comparisons.

  • They're not more creative.
  • They're not more visionary.
  • They're not more charismatic.
  • They're not more ambitious.
  • They're not more blessed by luck.
  • They're not more risk seeking.
  • They're not more heroic.
  • They're not more prone to making, big, bold moves."

Did this list get your attention like it did mine.  

How many times have you read about a successful entrepreneur and believed one of these statement applied to their reason for success?

When you read what are the shared characteristic 10Xers have, I am confident that you will be inspired to read on and complete this outstanding book in short order.

Do you want 10X results from your business?

Are you looking to greatly exceed your goals in 2012 or will you be one that perishes in the cold?  

Start by taking action and order a copy today.


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