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Did You Schedule Your Annual Dealership Checkup?

My team and I have been very busy this year producing dealer assessment reports.  

The goal of these reports are to benchmark the dealer's current Internet/BDC operations, staff phone skills, website merchandizing, budget effectiveness, and the strength of their digital marketing investments.  

The research culminates with a final report which often includes:

  • - Summary of Online Reviews —
  • - Brand Leaks or Distractions
  • —- Paid Search Campaigns
  • —- Video Marketing Campaigns
  • —- Social Media Engagement
  • - Functionality/Engagement of Website
  • - Results of Mystery Shops & Phone Skills
  • - Review of Marketing Budget
The report also includes immediate market opportunities and recommended actions.  The need in the marketplace for this research and guidance has been confirmed by dealer demand.  
Executives want to know how to fix the things that they can't see or don't know to look for.
All dealers need this type of analysis at least annually if not bi-annually.

Failing Grades Are A Great Motivator


There is always a bit of concern when our assessment reports are presented. We never want to imply that a dealership isn't doing a good job running their business.  We do want to identify opportunities and ways to achieve the desired outcomes of the dealership; sell more cars and achieve greater profits. 

Most dealers assume that their operations are basically efficient and that defined processes are being followed.  To date, there has never been a case where the dealer or General Manager didn't read our assessment and find a number of "holes" in their strategy that required immediate action.

Common Holes in The Dam


  • - When a dealer is confronted with recorded calls that clearly demonstrate phone scripts are not being followed, it becomes clear that sales opportunities are being lost daily.
  • - When email records show that leads are not being followed up in the prescribed workflow setup in the BDC, it is hard to claim that leads are being handled properly.
  • - When Adwords campaigns are not running for important keywords that pertain to the dealer's new car models or conquest opportunities, it is clear that each day opportunities are being missed.
  • - When online reviews on Google Page One show negative that is being ignored by the dealer, a discuss can start to why online reviews matter to in-market shoppers.
These assessment reports in themselves are not groundbreaking; these topics have been discussed on this forum many times.  What is different with the PCG Consulting Assessment Reports are that they are not produced to sell a service or product.  They are vendor neutral assessments of what is in place TODAY and where opportunities exist for the FUTURE.
Another reason why the PCG Consulting Assessment Reports are successful in achieving new outcomes is because they come with the backing of a team of passionate professionals.  That help can come in the form of on-site training, remote coaching, or recommending new tools, processes, and vendors to fill the holes.  Achieving change within a dealership often needs to nudging of an outside party.

Holding Up The Mirror

I want to encourage dealers to hold up the mirror to their budgets and operations.  Make the investment to get an honest assessment of your BDC/Internet processes, your website merchandizing, and your marketing strategy.

The opportunity cost is significant.  In the past 60 days I have personally inspected failed processes that are costing clients over $100,000 a month.  Can dealers afford to be blind to such holes?

PCG Consulting is just one of many great companies that can help dealers find the leaks in their BDC/Internet department.  Companies like Kain Automotive, DealerKnows Consulting, Mosley Automotive Training, and Joni Stuker are all well known names that can help dealers.

The DrivingSales Vendor Ratings section of this website lists great resources that can help dealers in all aspects of their business operations.   Have you utilized this resource?

With a variety of choices, why do dealers not get an honest assessment from third parties?  I am not sure there is just one answer but it surely is costing dealers a lot of money and market share!

To all Dealers and General Managers reading this article, I have one simple question. Are you ready to look into your mirror?  




Brian Pasch CEO of PCG


Brian Pasch, CEO

PCG Digital Marketing

Bryan Armstrong
It's ironic that you posted this as this is the exact topic of my post and the HELL I have been through these last few weeks. Great advice Brian and I couldn't agree more!

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