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Brian Pasch

Brian Pasch CEO

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Texting for Business Landlines - Wait, you can text landlines?

Texting for Business Landlines - Wait, you can text landlines?

I understand that there are many texting platforms but not all texting is created equal. Often dealerships have found trouble with providing one number to …

Tech-Pocalypse Now!

Tech-Pocalypse Now!

There’s a shortage of technicians most dealerships are experiencing, and the drought has no end in sight. Unwittingly, well-trained technicians n…

Making the Sale by Communicating with Your Customers

Making the Sale by Communicating with Your Customers

You may see and talk to dozens of customers on any given day and while most of them are at your dealership to purchase a car (some may just be browsing), o…

5 Referral Program MYTHS - BUSTED!

5 Referral Program MYTHS - BUSTED!

Myth 1: Referral Marketing Programs are less cost effective than other marketing channels. FALSE! 92% of people trust recommendations from friends over…

A Dealership Went Pro-Police And This Happened

A Dealership Went Pro-Police And This Happened

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Say Goodbye To Google Places - Finally!

Have you been frustrated with Google Places?  If you have, you are not alone.  

Be patient because good news is on the way.

To recognize the inevitable changes that are planned for Google Places, you just need to step back and look at Google's current business focus on Social, Local, and Mobile (So-Lo-Mo).

Google Places is an old technology that is broken.  Dealers have reported that their reviews appear and disappear on a regular basis.

Google Places business addresses and phone numbers have been reported to revert back to older versions that were updated.  

Have you had any Google Places horror stories?

Google+ For Businesses

When Google announced that business owners could create a Google+ directory page for their business, it was the first sign that change was underway.

When dealers create their Google+ business page, it should be no surprise that dealers are displayed with matching results of a phone number search from none other than Google Places.

Google+ and its integration with social and search is the future for Google and keeping separate business data in Google Places makes no sense.  So, in the coming weeks you will see that Google Places will be replaced with Google+ business pages.  

This should make our lives much easier. It will be interesting to see how reviews are integrated into the business Google+ page.

Why Google+ ??

Google+ must be part of a comprehensive automotive digital marketing strategy.  

It will now become the primary business directory on the Google network.  Google+ also has powerful impact on local search results.

If you have not taken the time to setup your Google+ business page, get started immediately.  

Take a minute to connect with me on Google+, here is my page:  Brian Pasch Google+ . 


Brian Brian Pasch CEO of PCG

Brian Pasch, CEO

PCG Digital Marketing

732.450.8200 ext 1

Larry Bruce
Good post Brian, there is no doubt that Google Places was in need of a major overhaul and it should come as no surprise that Google would want to put this in G+. Jim, good content gets attention so you want good content everywhere you can to get that attention. We have seen that there is more overlap of users in G+ and Twitter than G+ and Facebook. We have also seen there are more consumers on Facebook than there are on G+ so your branding opportunity is better on Facebook than G+. I do believe that consistent with Google keyword foundation the keywords in what you post on G+ will continue to be important, and now your Google Reviews will start to play a bigger role in search rankings as Google continues to refine its social and local strategy. That said, I believe you can replicate your content across G+ and Facebook using Twitter and an interest driver. You should be cognizant of the keywords you want to rank for the linking strategy from G+ and +1 strategy as you post content to G+. Also you should still keep in mind that your Blog is the HOME BASE these are just outposts… even G+. Hope that helps,
Brian Pasch
Jim I'm going to do a Google+ content publishing and SEO strategy webinar based on the great feedback I received from my workshop at Boot Camp. A number of attendees were kicking themselves that they had not started a Google+ strategy. If interested, just send an email to: and you'll get notified when it is scheduled.
Jim Bell
Thanks for the insight Larry
Jim Bell
Thanks for the email link. I just sent an email to stay in the loop.
Ryan Leslie
Brian, I could have used the same headline to write an entirely different article. ;) Have you been following the Antitrust case developments in the EU? Here is an article from Politico that might be of interest. It is fair to assume that the outcome of the case against Google across the pond will be a foreshadowing of things to come here, especially in light of the FTC recently retaining a formidable legal team for this purpose. The EU team has requested action from Google revolving around the same core concerns from the Senate Hearing in Sept. We are just a few weeks from the deadline for Google to have submitted proposed changes to several current business and search practices. Should be interesting to see what they propose. I personally don't think you are going to see Google replace the places pages with a G+ directory page that prominently in search. Let me revise that statement, I really don't think you are going to see the FTC ALLOW Google to replace the places pages with a G+ directory that prominently in search, especially if they have to go around their own search algorithm to get it there. Add Facebook and their money to the current lineup at if they do... What do you think?

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