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How Are The VDP Trends For Your Website?


By Brian Pasch

Recent research from Cobalt has shown that as vehicles get more VDP views, they will sell faster.  Vehicle Detail Page (VDP) views are a proxy for the stealth shoppers that do not submit a lead, call the dealership, or chat with your agents before they show up at the dealership.  Increasing VDP views should be a goal of every Marketing Manager

Since this is one metric that is aligned with increasing the velocity of sales at the dealership, are marketing managers keeping an eye on VDP view trends on their website?  Marketing professionals should make VDP data a part of their monthly marketing review and analysis of website traffic.


VDP Views By Source

One of the charts marketing managers should create is the VDP views by source so that they can see which marketing investments are generating the most VDP views.  By color coding the graph, marketing managers can also quickly see monthly increases in traffic by source.  

For example, in the last 30 days there was a 100%+ increase in referral traffic that generated VDP views on this dealer's website, shown in purple.  For this dealer, it would be a great time to see which referral sources generated that big increase (832 to 1,852). 

Another metric to look at is the number of people who looked at a Vehicle Detail Page (VDP) by source, which I will call a "shopper". This will show marketing managers the number of shoppers their marketing dollars are generating each month, by source.

Is Your Dealership Inspecting VDP Trends?

If VDP views are one metric that is related to the velocity at which cars at your dealership will be selling, shouldn't marketing managers make sure they are looking at VDP trends each month?  This data is readily available in Google Analytics and other software solutions.  

If your dealership is using Google Analytics, you will need to determine the "pattern" that your website provider uses for VDP URLs.  For example, uses three patterns: /new/, /used/, and /certified/. Vinsolutions uses one pattern: /vd/.  Once you know these patterns, Google Analytics can be configured to count visitors who visit a VDP and how many VDPs are viewed per month.

I hope you agree that this is another good metric to inspect as part of your monthly review of marketing investments.  I will be writing additional article on what metrics Marketing Managers should include in their monthly review of website performance. 

If you have any questions, ask them below.  Please also take a minute to share this post on Facebook, Twitter, and in your social network if you found this helpful. 



Brian Pasch, CEO
PCG Consulting

Brian Pasch
Chris The interesting point however, is that many dealers are not using VDP data to better merchandise their vehicles, inspect the cost of advertising, and fine tune their marketing investments. What I have found is that using VDP data, significant improvements can be made to sell more cars, faster and increase the volume.
Chris K Leslie
Of course merchandising product would help move more said merchandise. I can't remember the last time anyone spent $30,000 for "whats inside the box" The sad part is the the thought of dealers not looking at what their customers are looking at. But, i suppose that is the sad truth we live in.
Paul Schnell
This just confirms what the pundits (like BP!) have been saying for quite a while. VDP Views is an extremely useful conversion metric. Based on this knowledge, we measure the average VDP:Sold ratio in new and used across all of our inventory display sources including 3rd parties, reviewing and adjusting marketing and/or merchandising (not just PRICING) from this information. If a vehicle has higher than average views but hasn't sold yet, we take a closer look at comments, photos, pricing, etc. If a vehicle has lower than average views (i.e. low demand), we expand the market on that vehicle through our digital advertising vehicles. By monitoring and taking action weekly, we reduce sell-through times by weeks.
Chris K Leslie
Great Job on using the tools you have to make those profitable decisions. What you mentioned above is something that I've believed in and been preaching since I used to sell back in 2005. The ability to adjust your inventory on educated future decisions are key.

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