What is the "dScore?"

dScore graphic

The dScore is the industry's first community-based activity and experience measurement tool. It measures your individual activity and areas of expertise in the the auto industry and within the DrivingSales community specifically. It's a new way for those involved in the dealership world to engage with one another, generate activity, demonstrate experience, identify influencers and stay plugged in to the most relevant content.

How is the dScore determined?

The dScore is determined by an algorithm that considers and gives weight to various community actions, activities and achievements. Some of the considerations for the dScore are:

  • How long you've been a member of the community
  • Content you've posted
  • Comments you've shared
  • Comments received on your posts
  • Frequency of your activity on the site
  • Completion of your profile
  • And much more
dScore dashboard graphic

The custom dScore algorithm considers some activities more significant than others. For example, you can 'like' every post on the entire site and you still won't see your score jump the way it will if you write a great blog post and others comment on it. There is also a time decay element that reduces your score naturally as you become less active. The only way to keep your score up is to continue to interact with the community and your connections.

How can I improve my score?

Simple: Engage and participate! The more you engage with the community by sharing your experience, building your presence and your professional connections, the higher your score will go. One of the coolest parts is that it can't be gamed or manipulated; it's simply driven by your activity. If you some specifics, here are a few things that you can do to boost your score:

Why should I care?

Networker Achievement

All of you involved in this community should care about your own brand, your activity and your relevant experience. This is how you grow personally and professionally - and ultimately how you grow your influence. Activity creates experience; experience creates influence.

DrivingSales strives to connect the best professionals in the business with the best companies and content. Your activity makes this happen within our community online at, in our magazine (The Dealership Innovation Guide) and events like the DrivingSales Executive Summit and the DrivingSales President's Club.

The dScore will visually validate your activity within the community. It will help identify your areas of expertise and help provide a new layer of valuable information to other community members. Eventually, your dScore could be another method of connecting you to other industry opportunities as we develop even more functionality to our community, such as our social careers platform and connection recommendations.