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Oct. 10-11, 2021 | The ARIA, Las Vegas

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7:30 AM PDT 

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1:10 - 2:00 PM PDT

Winning the Talent War: How to Attract and Develop a Leading Team

Don’t miss Jared Hamilton as he takes the stage to uncover research from today’s talent pool and show why the best employees aren’t choosing to work at your store. Jared will dive into what employees want in an employer today and how you can make your dealership more appealing to the top talent today.

2:00 - 3:00 PM PDT

Best Idea Contest Presentations

Dealer finalists present their best idea on stage and compete for cash prizes.

3:00 - 3:20 PM PDT

Afternoon Coffee Break

Take a quick break and get ready for the first round of workshops that you won't want to miss! 

3:20 - 4:00 PM PDT

Grasping the Urgency of Retail Automotive's Need to Strategize for the Future Digital Ecosystem

Dave will be sharing the latest digital marketing opportunities that dealers should be taking advantage of to ensure that there is alignment with consumer expectations today. As the winner of the Most Valuable Insight, Dave will present on stage at DSES and will expand on his findings from his winning insight. You’ll come away with a roadmap of specific digital outlets that lead to increased exposure among in-market shoppers.


4:10 - 4:50 PM PDT

Workshop Sessions

Friend or Foe? AI Lessons Learned

Learn how new technology, when implemented strategically, can boost engagement up to 70% while increasing your bottom line.

- Identify AI business advantages and how it impacts workforce productivity.
- Tips for shifting to an activity-based mindset and why it matters.
- Review a case study showing AI implemented strategically and its actual results.

Presented by: Steve Roessler & Denny Eubank

Track: Modernize The Sales Process

Build Your Acquisition Hub and Dominate Your Market with a Unique Buying Brand and Experience

Create a vehicle acquisition solution that drives like an Aston, performs like a Ferrari, and catches attention like a Lambo. Own your strategy and own your brand! In this session you will learn how to create a winning brand strategy to acquire your vehicles in today's environment while being prepared and set up for the future. Creating a self driving and branded solution that will last you through the pandemic and beyond is imperative to continual success when it comes to buying direct from consumers and building a brand they trust. Nobody trusts that DanHyundaiBuysCars is really watching out for their best interest.

The top takeaways that dealers will learn by attending:

- The importance of your domain when creating a branded solution.
- How to create a solution that works and continually drives acquisition opportunities to your business.
- Why SEO and consumer trust is so important.
- What it takes to make a successful strategy come to fruition and the steps to execute.

Presented by: Gray Scott

Track: Build a Progressive Marketing Plan, Implement Agile Inventory Management

How to Build a Culture That Powers Profitability and Positivity

Discover the insights that will help dealers foster a positive culture that will significantly improve the effectiveness of your dealership's operations.

- Learn applicable insights that will help drive positive change across your dealership’s operations, yielding a more intentional approach that impacts your bottomline.
- Discover a new means of building culture that Reunion Marketing leveraged to solve internal issues and empower every single employee at the company.
- Understand how creating a next-level company culture can help you build a progressive marketing plan.

Presented by: Dane Saville & Sabrina Erskine

Track: Hire and Develop Better Talent, Increase Fixed Ops Absorption, Leadership in a Remote World

A Customer’s Journey, the Hidden Key to Hiring Success?

Recruiting is Sales - And in today’s digital world, sales start online. Learn to increase your candidate flow while enhancing your Customer’s Journey. In a Post COVID, digital world, online people are not candidates or customers, they are both. In this session, participants will learn how to leverage their existing digital strategies to drive candidate flow & build talent pipelines while enhancing a Customer’s Journey.

- Discover how to align your top of funnel activities and become people focused.
- Learn how to deliver outstanding customer experiences with timely and effective communication and position your dealership to win.
- Create a people machine that will lead to increased sales by leveraging diverse recruiting channels.

Presented by: Kevin Hull & Brian Kramer

Track: Hire and Develop Better Talent, Leadership in a Remote World


5:00 - 5:40 PM PDT

Workshop Sessions

Is One-Person Selling the Silver Bullet Your Dealership Needs to Survive and Thrive?

The traditional auto retail sales process is under attack, and it appears to be reaching the end of its useful life. When Super Bowl commercials venomously attack car dealers, it’s a sign that the old model is becoming a dinosaur. The question is, what will replace it? Should dealers be copycatting what the online disrupters like Carvana and Vroom are doing or should they self-invent a new model that builds on their strengths as physical retailers? What does it mean for your website to truly provide a smooth online on-ramp to a great in-store experience? Perry and Joyce will share a down-to-earth view of how dealers can elevate their customer experience and profits by embracing a transformative One-Person Sales Model

- Understand new options that are available for delivering an exceptional customer and employee experience.
- Helping dealers identify the best role for digital retailing to play into their overall customer journey strategy.
- Help dealers evaluate the priority they are placing on the in-store experience compared to digital tools on websites.

Presented by: Chip Perry & TJ Joyce

Track: Modernize The Sales Process, Leadership in a Remote World

Pivoting Your Marketing to Capture the New Digital Shopper

As we enter 2022 – dealing with what will hopefully be the tail-end of COVID, it is as good a time as any to come to terms that consumer behavior has changed. Not only has it changed “for now” but it has changed forever.While some in the automotive space viewed COVID as an existential threat, it’s in fact an opportunity to survive, evolve and thrive. This session will review the shifting consumer behaviors and will help automotive dealerships pivot their marketing to capture the new digital shopper.

- This session will take a deep dive into the changing consumer behaviors (mostly driven by COVID) and what dealerships can do to position themselves for success.
- Data discussed will include over a dozen studies done by Google, Microsoft and SmartSites - including some joint never-before-released studies (that will be done in Q4 2021). This data will be later made public (after NADA) to help SMB's pivot to capture the new digital shopper.

Presented by: Alex Melen & Chris Anderson

Track: Build a Progressive Marketing Plan

Why Savvy Marketers Are Spending More on Audience Data Than Media

Dealers know cookie-cutter, “in-market” audiences are wildly inefficient. Learn how to use an audience-first approach that enables you to decrease media spend and increase campaign effectiveness.

- How to prioritize your audience data investments versus your media spend.
- How to identify fake in-market audiences.
- How to use your first-party data to create cost-effective in-market audiences for your campaigns.

Presented by: Steve White & Shaun Kniffin

Track: Build a Progressive Marketing Plan

WTF Used Car Management (Work The Facts)

Used vehicles can be listed wrong online causing inaccurate market data, so know your data before relying on market data. Join this session and learn how to “work the facts” at your dealership. Find the holes in your inventory before pivoting to the market data. Takeaways from this session include:

- How inaccurate market listings is skewing market data in inventory management tools.
- How to find issues on your lot first before going to market data, and then what cars are causing those issues based on your data.
- Create a digital lot walk, similar to your physical lot walk, for a more strategic attack on moving more cars more profitably.

Presented by: Jasen Rice & Danny Zaslavsky

Track: Hire and Develop Better Talent, Leadership in a Remote World

How to Get Smart with Social and Your Sales Staff in 2021

Sell more cars and Make more Money using Facebook & Instagram! Set your sales staff up for success in 2021! The Key Takeaways include the following:

- Setting up business pages properly on Facebook and Instagram so your sales staff have a business within a business.
- Creating Proper New car offers, Used car offers, trade in offers and Get Pre-approved offers for sales staff!
- How to Boost a Facebook Post to get in Market Shoppers booking test drives and walking in your door!

Presented by: Gail Rubinstein & Steve VanGorder

Track: Build a Progressive Marketing Plan


6:30 - 6:40 PM PDT

Daily Wrap Up

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7:00 - 8:30 PM PDT

Opening Reception

Finish day one and rub shoulders with other dealership executives


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