DSES 2019 Agenda

Oct 6 - 8, 2019: Aria, Las Vegas

Canadian Session: An exclusive event focused on Canadian automotive retail.

Day 1:       Show Kicks off at 1, big reception at night!

Day 2:       All Day Training, 10th Anniversary Party.

Day 3:       Intense Morning Training, DSES take-aways!

Depart:     Book flights after 2:30pm

  • ​Day 1
  • Day 2
  • Day 3

8:00 - 11:55

Canadian Session

The DSES Canadian Breakout is designed to address the unique challenges and opportunities that exist in Canadian automotive today. We’ve assembled a lineup built to help you sell and service more cars. Learn more.

1:30 - 1:40


Welcome to DSES 2019

Charlie Vogelheim

We're kicking DSES 2019 off in style. Make sure you are in your seats ready to go as Charlie Vogelheim delivers a brief overview of the event and presents some of the key topics to come.

1:40 - 2:30


Customer Insights on the Omni-Experience

Jared Hamilton

Jared Hamilton will review the results of the DrivingSales Digital Retailing study. You will learn what customers really want and gain insight on how to deliver it. 

2:30 - 3:30


Best Idea Contest

Best Idea Finalists

Five dealer professionals compete for $8,000 in prizes on the main stage. They will be presenting an idea they used in their dealership to increase sales and improve customer satisfaction. 

3:30 - 3:50


Afternoon Break

Grab a snack and recharge on your way to the breakout sessions. 

3:50 - 4:30


Sparking Creativity to Emerge Better Sales Process

Super Session | Jennifer Suzuki, Progressive Sales Training

Room: Joshua 5/6

Move More Metal With In-House Marketing

Simon Heseltine, Cutting Edge Digital Marketing

Room: Joshua 3

How to Apply Digital Retailing for Measurable Results Today

Andrew Tai, Advanced Digital Retailing

Room: Joshua 7

The Top 3 Differences Between Digital Sales and Digital Service

Mindy Batchelor, Next-Gen Fixed Operations

Room: Joshua 2

Driving Visibility Through Immersive Online Merchandising

Russ Daniels, Breakthrough Inventory Management

Room: Joshua 4

To be announced

Workshop #6

Presenter: Coming soon​

Room: TBD

4:40 - 5:20


A Better Bridge to Buying

Super Session | Brent Wees, Progressive Sales Training

Room: Joshua 9/10

Improve Inventory Acquisitions by Tapping Into All Your Profit Centers

Robert Donovan, Breakthrough Inventory Management

Room: Joshua 4

Finding and Retaining Technicians in Today's Competitive Environment

Brad Lillie, Next-Gen Fixed Operations

Room: Joshua 7

Modern SEO Secrets

Parker Evenson, Cutting Edge Digital Marketing

Room: Joshua 3

On boarding, Culture, Benefits, Flex Hours

Mike AndersonModern Human Capital

Room: Joshua 2

To be announced

Workshop #6

Presenter: Coming soon​

Room: TBD

5:30 - 6:10


Innovate Like Amazon

Your dealership needs a culture that is resilient and agile in order to take advantage of the opportunities up ahead. What steps can you take to build this culture? How can you shape your organization to thrive amid disruption? Think like Amazon...

6:15 - 7:30


Opening Reception

Network and rub shoulders with automotive innovators.