DrivingSales Executive Summit: 2021

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Oct. 10-11, 2021 | The ARIA, Las Vegas

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7:30 AM PDT 

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8:40 - 9:20 AM PDT

RE:Think Innovation

Carla will be taking the main stage to help dealers today identify and implement strategies that provide sustainable value and gain a competitive advantage at your store. She’ll teach you how inspiration can lead to measurable business outcomes. You’ll walk away feeling confident to introduce new ideas, make good ideas better and instill a culture of innovation by everyone.

9:30 - 10:10 AM PDT

Workshop Sessions

Digital Retailing is Not DIY

Customers’ digital-retailing usage is on the rise and, contrary to popular belief, it is not DIY. A whopping 86% of customers are completing some part of the purchase online and 89% of the time, dealers are using digital retailing to guide them through the remote transaction. In this interactive session, we'll unpack the qualitative and quantitative results of our recent Dealer Impact Study. We’ll also bring in an esteemed dealer panel to explain why the more customers and agents use digital retailing, the faster the transaction and the higher customer satisfaction is.

As we dive into the data, we'll answer the following:

- Why is Digital Retailing not DIY?
- Are consumers being taken out of the online purchase process too early?
- How does digital retailing impact ROI?

Presented by: Michelle Denogean, Jarred Black & Joe Lukich

Track: Modernize The Sales Process

“Car Trek: The Next Generation” Reaching Shoppers In The TikTok & Snapchat Era

Learn the ways your dealership can reach the next wave of car shoppers, regardless of the platforms they use.

- Discover the latest demographic trends, usage metrics, and dealership opportunities on up-and-coming apps such as TikTok, SnapChat, and Instagram.
- Learn how other dealers are creatively using these channels to connect with the next generation of car buyers.
- Explore the “Omnichannel Shift,” and get our Omnichannel Blueprint to help you build your own multi-platform strategy that focuses on the individual, not the channel.

Presented by: Pete Petersen & Matt Sneed

Track: Build a Progressive Marketing Plan

The Customer Buy Center: A Better Way to Build Inventory

The consumer-sourced trade is the most profitable source of inventory for your dealership. Savvy used car departments will optimize every opportunity to source this inventory, especially those right at their doorstep. The trade-in process, while executed and managed by the pre-owned team, is an essential part of the new car transaction, as well. Dealers who focus on a buying approach that is collaborative, transparent and customer-friendly can see increased traffic to the store, more retail sales, and increased profits across their dealership.

The top three takeaways that dealers will learn by attending:

- How to involve the customer in the trade-in so they understand the logic behind their vehicle valuation.
- How to create a transparent and trustworthy shopping experience and increase efficiency without having to haggle price.
- How to capture trade-ins at a lower acquisition cost and increase profit in front-end gross.

Presented by: Tim Scoutelas & James Bingham

Track: Implement Agile Inventory Management

It’s Not What You Manage, It’s What You Measure that Drives Results

It’s clear, the success of your business depends on the caliber of your managers. The competencies to sell a car are no longer the only requirements for a manager to successfully build and manage a high-performing team. Their skills and processes must be aligned with the needs of the modern workforce. They must provide clear accountability metrics and manage their teams with job-specific scorecards. A systematic scorecard review process builds a strong relationship between the manager and the employee. It’s built on trust and data, not opinions. High-performing dealers have metrics and scorecards for every job role. They sell more cars, write more hours per RO, generate more gross, and more. If you manage people, you don’t want to miss this!

- In this breakout session, you will receive a framework, insights, and examples of a systematic scorecard review process that drives results.
- We will share case study findings of top-performing dealers and best implementation practices.

Presented by: Jason Volny & Phil Pecoraro

Track: Hire and Develop Better Talent, Increase Fixed Ops Absorption, Leadership in a Remote World

If Automotive is Becoming Ecom, Why Isn't the Marketing?

The marketing funnel for automotive should be deep and have a dozen or more groups, but virtually no one markets that way...yet.

- Segmenting is everything. "Low Funnel" isn't just leads. Unresponsive leads is a segment. No show leads is a segment. Unsold appointments is a segment. Each should have a unique message delivered to them for a truly cohesive strategy.
- Brand discovery delivers the power to worry less about in market shoppers. If they're in market but haven't visited your website or FB page, your brand awareness marketing is failing. Powerful "who, why, where" messaging is game changing.
- Re-evaluate the metrics you've been told to care about. Lead counts, bounce rates, and CTR mean nothing on a high level brand discovery campaign...impressions do. Learn to measure marketing over longer time frames, not the 30 days that dealerships live and die by.

Presented by: David Lemmon & Brody Dezember

Track: Build a Progressive Marketing Plan


10:30 -11:10 AM PDT

Workshop Sessions

Attracting Women to Automotive

With it being as hard as it is to attract new employees right now, why aren’t we hiring more women? In this workshop, Randi Desantis will be talking about the strategies dealers should be leveraging today to create an inclusive culture that is attractive to the top talent, regardless of gender.

- Identify the changes you need to make in your hiring practices to attract the best talent.
- Come away with tactics to employ today to attract more female applicants.

Presented by: Randi DeSantis

Track: Leadership in a Remote World

Your Service Department in the Age of Amazon: How to Bring E-Commerce Best Practices to your Dealership

Capitalize on e-commerce strategies proven by companies like Amazon. Learn how to incorporate similar tactics to improve profitability and experience.

- Learn how to execute a comprehensive audit of your dealership’s end-to end service experience through the eyes of your customer.
- Determine which components of your process can be enhanced; reference and adopt tactics from other e-commerce providers.
- Review performance improvement metrics and proven best practices from a dealer.

Presented by: Ashley Fedor & Joe Castelino

Track: Build a Progressive Marketing Plan, Increase Fixed Ops Absorption

5 Most Important Marketing Metrics Automotive Leadership Must Know

Discover key marketing metrics that every dealership leader should be aware of and know how to measure! This workshop addresses the biggest issues facing automotive teams regarding knowing how to understand the most important leadership and marketing strategies and tactics you need to run a successful dealership. Get must-have information covering successful leadership, operations, and marketing best practices.

Dealership leadership attendees will learn the following items, among others:

- How to diagnose your marketing mix and gauge its health.
- Which metrics matter the most.
- Why these metrics are important and how to prioritize the rest If you're part of your store's executive or management team, this session is designed specifically for you.

Presented by: Eric Miltsch & Greg Jensen

Track: Modernize The Sales Process, Build a Progressive Marketing Plan

The Rise of Conversational Commerce: The Future of Messaging

The ability to connect has never been more scrutinized. It’s crucial to explore new and creative ways to relate and engage with auto shoppers.

- Learn how designing a user experience that offers a casual conversation as a means of customer support or even transacting can improve your customer experience and drive revenue for your dealership.
- Understand why auto shoppers no longer have an appetite for wasting time on an automated phone menu or even emailing a business and having to wait for a reply.
- Learn how Google and Facebook are driving more chat conversations that convert into leads.

Presented by: Ali Fawaz & Chad Jernberg

Track: Modernize The Sales Process

How to Acquire Cars Across Every Channel When Inventory is Tight

Join this session and get the latest intel on how to turn your entire digital ecosystem into a vehicle acquisition machine. This workshop will be packed with takeaways to implement at the store today!

- How to optimize your website to maximize vehicle acquisition engagement and conversion.
- How your dealership can be the answer to trade-in or sell my car style queries on Google through paid and organic search.
- How you can acquire cars everywhere with your digital advertising efforts.
- How to initiate trade-in conversations from your website, digital advertising, and even traditional and in-store placements too.
- How you can implement an effective follow up strategy to turn leads into successful acquisitions.

Presented by: Jason Stum

Track: Implement Agile Inventory Management, Build a Progressive Marketing Plan

11:20 -12:20 AM PDT

Beast Mode

Listen to some of today's most successful dealers take a deep dive into the latest opportunities for dealerships on the main stage


12:20 - 1:10 PM PDT


Take a break from a morning of intense training and enjoy an amazing lunch!


1:10 - 1:50 PM PDT

DrivingSales State of Dealership Marketing Survey

You will be presented with the results of the first annual DrivingSales State of Dealership Marketing Survey. See what dealership marketers are spending their budgets on and where they maximized their ROI. Get a sneak peek of where marketers are focusing their budget for 2022 to maximize growth. See the results presented on stage!

1:50 - 2:50 PM PDT

Innovation Cup Presentations

Listen to finalists compete on stage and present the year's top solutions to help dealers increase profitability. 

3:00 -3:50 PM PDT

Workshop Sessions

Millennials & Phones –Turning Voicemails into Car Sales

This session will dive into the true cost of poor phone management and the top three ways that you can improve right now. You’ll hear first-hand from Freeman Peterman, the Digital Director for Jim Keras Auto Group, about his stores and how they're inspiring confidence in millennials over the phone. Contrary to popular belief, millennials DO want to talk over the phone but their standards for instant gratification and a frictionless experience mean we need to adjust our approach. The dealerships willing to give them what they want can win this generation for life. So join us for real-world examples of the top three phone skills that are overlooked, especially when it comes to courting this developing generation of customers.

- Delivering instant gratification to your callers, and encouraging their communication on your most profitable channel- the phones.
- Creating a frictionless experience on your calls using cross platform functionality.
- What you need to do to be catering to the next generation of shoppers. (PS. Gen Z isn’t going to be any easier.)

Presented by: Charlie Bass & Freeman Peterman

Track: Modernize The Sales Process

Build Your Acquisition Hub and Dominate Your Market with a Unique Buying Brand and Experience

Create a vehicle acquisition solution that drives like an Aston, performs like a Ferrari, and catches attention like a Lambo. Own your strategy and own your brand! In this session you will learn how to create a winning brand strategy to acquire your vehicles in today's environment while being prepared and set up for the future. Creating a self driving and branded solution that will last you through the pandemic and beyond is imperative to continual success when it comes to buying direct from consumers and building a brand they trust. Nobody trusts that DanHyundaiBuysCars is really watching out for their best interest.

The top takeaways that dealers will learn by attending:

- The importance of your domain when creating a branded solution.
- How to create a solution that works and continually drives acquisition opportunities to your business.
- Why SEO and consumer trust is so important.
- What it takes to make a successful strategy come to fruition and the steps to execute.

Presented by: Gray Scott

Track: Build a Progressive Marketing Plan, Implement Agile Inventory Management

Culture, Process, Repeat... Breaking Out of the Revolving Door

Culture and process are two sides of the same coin. Keeping those two in perpetual motion together is the key. Don't miss this session where you'll come away with the steps to build a positive culture and stop the revolving door at your dealership.

- Importance of a clearly defined culture and culture statement.
- The relationship between process and culture.
- Don’t set it and forget it!

Presented by: Jereme Schoemaker & Betty Byars

Track: Hire and Develop Better Talent, Leadership in a Remote World

The Path to GM Should Go Through Fixed Ops

With the impact Fixed Operations has on your dealership profitability, it is essential that anyone looking to become a General Manager has a deep grasp of service and parts. But the NADA Academy training is not enough. In this session, we will present a plan to provide your sales personnel a working knowledge of Fixed Ops to give them a leg up in their quest to become a general manager.

- Discover the service processes and overall operations of a successful Fixed Ops department.
- Learn how to engineer Fixed Operations into your sales career paths.
- Uncover the KPIs and financials you need everyone in sales to know about Fixed Ops.

Presented by: Brad Lillie

Track: Increase Fixed Ops Absorption, Hire and Develop Better Talent, Leadership in a Remote World

Super Fun Trivia with Know-It-All Joe and Braniac Bryan!

Are you really an expert? How much knowledge do you have trapped in that big brain of yours, just ready to be unleashed? This lively, interactive session will be filled with fun, fast-paced entertainment and just a little education thrown in. See who has the smarts to win the prize when the clock is ticking.

- Have a great time networking while teamed up with others to form a group, determine a team name, and collectively come up with the right answers.
- Go head to head with other teams to determine who are the real automotive (marketing) geniuses in the room.
- Put your knowledge to the test and see if all their automotive education is enough to bring their team to the top.

Presented by: Joe Webb & Bryan Armstrong

Track: Build a Progressive Marketing Plan


3:40 - 4:00 PM PDT

Afternoon Coffee Break

Grab a quick coffee and get ready for more workshops!


4:00 - 4:40 PM PDT

Workshop Sessions

Marty McFly's Guide to the Future of Automotive SEO

SEO is too important to use outdated tactics. Don't miss this workshop with Greg Gifford to learn how Google has changed today and what matters for better online visibility.

- Learn how you need to change your SEO emphasis and strategy.
- Discover which signals influence visibility in searches and how to optimize them.
- Learn about the recent Google My Business changes and how to optimize your profile.

Presented by: Greg Gifford & Danny Tellez

Track: Build a Progressive Marketing Plan

Fixed Ops Leadership and Accountability Tactics

Come check out some of the leadership and accountability tactics that top dealerships use to maximize fixed ops efficiency and drive productivity.

See examples of leadership tactics that fixed ops directors and general managers use today to increase results.
Discover small accountability systems that will drive productivity.
Dealers will be challenged to think differently to take back our share of the auto repair business.

Presented by: Brad Paschal & Kevin Deutsch

Track: Modernize Increase Fixed Ops Absorption

Retain Your People and Sell More Cars by Developing a Sales Coaching Culture

A new dealers story teaches how a coaching approach to managing affects turnover, sales and overall dealership success!

- Learn what a coaching culture is and how it affects success in management satisfaction, employee retention, and sales while helping your dealership become change-proof!
- Understand how to teach salespeople to coach customers in your sales process, and what competitive advantage this gives your dealership in today's market.
- Build and retain a winning team by leveraging both internal and external coaching resources and achieve personal and business goals.

Presented by: Sean Kelley & Tanner Wood

Track: Modernize The Sales Process, Hire and Develop Better Talent, Leadership in a Remote World

Hyper-efficiency. Selling 100 Cars Per Month in the Digital Age

Learn the strategy, sales activities and tech stack that a modern digital salesperson uses to sell over 780 cars per year.

- Use equity mining and finance management software to sell as many as 100 cars per month including F&I and delivery...without an assistant.
- Implement time management strategies to sell and deliver up to 10 cars in a day.
- Deploy tactics for increasing F&I income in a "single point of contact" sales environment.

Presented by: Alan Krutsch & Alex Meyhoefer

Track: Modernize The Sales Process, Hire and Develop Better Talent


4:50 - 5:10 PM PDT

Awards Ceremony: Best Idea Contest & Innovation Cup

See the results as the winners are announced on the main stage.


5:10 - 5:50 PM PDT

One-Degree Shifts: Building Tomorrow’s Greatest Places to Work

In this completely tailored, engaging, and takeaway-loaded presentation, workplace expert Eric Termuende shares what years of research, stories, and insights uncover about the one-degree shifts leaders use to remove friction, improve communication, and innovate. From Domino’s Pizza to the British Cycling Team, discover how the consistent application of small, incremental changes builds tomorrow’s greatest places to work.

5:50 - 6:00 PM PDT

Daily Wrap Up

Hear the closing message as we wind down DSES 2021


6:30 - 8:00 PM PDT

Closing Reception

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