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Update: Speaker applications closed

OCT 11-13, 2020 | The Aria, Las Vegas

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We select the top trainers, to teach the most progressive tactics that dealers need to implement into their business for the next year. Your material must help dealers increase sales, cut costs, build loyalty, drive ROI and create a better culture with in their business.

Note that the DSES audience is made up of very progressive, hands on, dealership leaders. They are not average and are looking to be stretched. They want to accelerate their business and they thrive on innovation to dominate their markets. The best instructors resonate with dealers by bringing new, forward-thinking practices to drive measurable results.

We will not accept product pitches at training sessions, those are best for trade shows - this is a training event. Please bring your A game to educate the dealers at the tip of the spear of our industry.

Tips for getting selected to speak:

Applications to speak at DSES are selected by a dealer panel of 2 dozen progressive dealers.

Each year we get flooded with applications. Only the top ~13% make it to get selected by our dealer board. Here are some tips to get the attention of our selection committee:


Be Original
DSES attendees don't want yesterdays news that you delivered at another conference months ago. They want new content that is the latest and greatest.


Be Innovative
DSES isn't for entry level, or average educators. Attendees want to be stretched and shown what advanced opportunities exist.


Be Direct
Speaking spots are 30 min specifically to force the meeting right to the meat of the topic. Be direct, on-point and clear in your connection - attendees appreciate that.


Be Educational
DSES attendees will roast speakers with negative feedback if you bring a veiled sales pitch. This is a time to educate, not sell. Train the dealers with great content is the best way to build your brand.


Be Relevant
Attendees want to know how this impacts them, so how they can increase sales, cut costs, control expenses, drive more loyalty today and you will pass the relevancy test.

"Our workshops are large. Getting selected at DSES
is like giving a keynote elsewhere."

​​Accepting applications for these 20​20
educational tracks:

Our Tracks Include:

Advanced Digital Retailing

Gain insight on how to build a winning digital retailing process that delights your customers

Modern Human Capital

Master the tactics you need to hire, train, and develop an agile, high performing organization

Progressive Sales Training

Discover the latest in all things sales.  From BDC to sales process to F&I, you'll gain the insight you need to stay ahead.

Cutting Edge Digital Marketing

Uncover the proven strategies that drive traffic and increase conversion

Next-Gen Fixed Operations

Discover the innovative tactics you need to know to dominate your market

Breakthrough Inventory Management

Learn how to build and market a winning inventory that improves velocity and increases gross

Innovative Leadership

Understand techniques to help you lead your dealership, improve efficiencies, and increase performance

Update: Speaker applications closed