The Millennials are Coming

By 2025, millennials will make up 75% of the working world. Are we ready?

As both a millennial herself and someone who has employed hundreds of millennials, Kristen Hadeed has a unique perspective on what it will take to groom–and retain–the next generation of leaders.

Kristen’s company, Student Maid, a cleaning service that hires only students, has a retention rate that beats the industry average by a landslide. A departure from the stereotypical status quo, Student Maid’s millennial employees excel in relationship building, are confident problem solvers, can handle constructive feedback, and are highly invested—even though cleaning dirty toilets is in the job description. Despite the unglamorous work, millennials are lining up to be a part of Student Maid because of the company’s promise to help them become successful.

Kristen uses her experience to help you understand the unique obstacles facing the next generation. She will show you the leadership shift required to help millennials thrive in your dealership, as well as what it will take to keep them highly engaged. If a cleaning company can do it, anyone can.

In this presentation, dealers will learn:
-How to attract and retain the next generation, which is especially critical in an industry with high turnover.
-How to keep relationships front and center, even though technology has greatly impacted the way we interact with one another.
-How to build confidence and independence in future talent, so they can become self-starters and be more successful in their roles.
-How to look beyond stereotypes and create a culture where people are unified, instead of experiencing a generational divide.

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About Kristen Hadeed

Kristen Hadeed imagines a world in which all organizations have cultures that empower people to keep climbing toward the best version of themselves everyday. As the young leader of Student Maid, a successful cleaning company that hires only students, Kristen has fostered a unique perspective on leadership, organizational culture and engaging the next generation. Her optimistic, energetic and insightful keynotes and workshops unleash potential in others to exceed their wildest expectations. She is an expert in developing and teaching practical, ready-made tools that inspire people to take action.

Over the last seven years, Kristen has challenged the millennial status quo. From her first leadership disaster, which resulted in three-quarters of her workforce quitting on the spot, to handing over day-to-day operations to a leadership team comprised of millennials, Kristen has learned what it takes to create a work environment that brings out the best in people. Student Maid, has grown into a company that has employed hundreds of people and is known for its industry-leading retention rate and its culture of trust, accountability and empowerment. Many of the hundreds of students who have worked with Student Maid have gone on to run their own businesses and receive highly sought-after positions in companies around the world.

Today, Kristen helps organizations across the world make a lasting, meaningful impact on people by creating environments in which they thrive. She has worked with organizations in a variety of industries including healthcare, education, retail, real estate, non-profit, hospitality, aviation and consumer products. Kristen and Student Maid have been featured in news outlets including PBS, FOX and Forbes. Her first TED Talk has received more than two million hits on YouTube.