DrivingSales Executive Summit

Master Certifications and Speakers

Nov. 2-6, 2020 | Attend virtually
Take advantage of limited-time pricing!

DrivingSales Executive Summit

Master Certifications and Speakers

Nov. 2-6, 2020 | Attend virtually

Take advantage of limited-time pricing!

Master Certifications

Master Certifications are 90-day training programs that kick off the week of DSES that include training, activities, and performance metrics designed to help you build and implement the latest in dealership best practices. Attend as many Master Certifications as you choose, all included with your Executive Pass.

Shopper-Based Digital Marketing

Stop treating your online shoppers as clicks and visits and learn how to build relationships online to turn them into customers. In our physical showrooms, we personalize our shoppers' experience based on whether they are a be-back, a fresh up, a service customer or a long time friend of the owner. However, we treat all our online shoppers exactly the same way with the same ad, banner, conversion tool or vehicles available on your website. Learn more.

Certification Objectives:

  1. Target and drive ready-to-buy online shoppers to your virtual showroom (dealership website).
  2. Understand the types of shoppers who are visiting your virtual showroom.
  3. Personalize your engagement with online shoppers to increase conversion and build relationships.

Become a Facebook Automotive Ad Specialist

This Master Certification is designed to help take dealerships beyond simply using Facebook Ads to turning Facebook into your #1 traffic source and predictable revenue stream for your store. You will learn how to replicate the exact same selling process that top automotive groups and OEMs use to generate new leads & sales through Facebook, and set up your own full-funnel ad strategy that will maximize your dealership’s objectives. Learn more.

Certification Objectives:

  1. Learn how to set up your ad campaigns to work with (not against) Facebook’s data and algorithms.
  2. Build audiences and campaigns that help you laser-target in market auto shoppers and deliver the right offer at the right time.
  3. Discover how to craft key content and messaging for your ads so you can keep feeding success into your “Facebook machine”.
  4. Set, track, and measure goals and KPIs for your ad campaigns that lead to real unit sales.
  5. Increase your Facebook Ad effectiveness, no matter if you have a full-service agency, run Facebook Ads in-house, or are just getting started.

Mastering Digital Retailing

Prepare, implement and promote Digital Retailing techniques for maximum results. In this class you will gain exclusive access to digital retailing benchmark data to compare your performance and quickly identify measurable areas of opportunity for your store. From here, you will develop your own custom plan, learn first hand how to use the technology from start to finish, properly promote the capability and gain the buy-in you need at every level of the organization to ensure success. Learn more.

Certification Objectives:

  1. Clear digital retailing objectives for your store.
  2. An ROI calculator to measure success.
  3. Different strategies for getting buy-in.
  4. A refined process map focused on remote swelling.
  5. First hand knowledge of how to manage a deal remotely from start to finish.
  6. Marketing best practices to increase engagement.

Inspired Satisfaction Employee Retention

The Inspired Satisfaction(tm) Master Certification is for dealers who want their managers to be the best possible leaders for their team. Dealers who believe employee retention equals customer retention, and want to help their managers find new and consistent ways to focus on sales instead of trying to constantly rebuild their team. This Master Certification will give you a practical tool that managers will use to predict employee turnover, and coaching on tactical ways managers can immediately turn off the turnover! Learn more.

Certification Objectives:

  1. Learn to drive employee motivation by acting on the 10 motivation requirements.
  2. Leverage the Inspired Satisfaction(tm) Survey to predict employee turnover.
  3. Take actionable steps to re-engage employees who may be weighing down your business growth.
  4. Develop routine leadership behaviors that help you retain employees and prevent turnover Impact employee success perception without financial loss through lopsided pay plans.

Make Google Analytics Work for You

Transform Google Analytics from just another thing installed on your website to a real marketing tool. Learn how to set up Google Analytics to measure both paid and organic inbound web traffic. You will learn how to use data benchmarks to evaluate paid traffic vendors and make decisions based on data. Creating a “source of data truth” for your dealership will reduce reliance on vendor generated reports and enable dealers to measure vendors side by side in Google Analytics versus sifting through multiple vendor dashboards. Learn more.

Certification Objectives:

  1. Audit your Google Analytics configuration for proper data flow and collection.
  2. Make Google Analytics goals for conversions & engagement on your website.
  3. Build custom segments in Google Analytics to compare user flows on your website.
  4. Understand the different attribution models in Google Analytics and the pros and cons of each.

Discover the Keys to High-Performing Employees

Discover the fundamentals that lead to improved employee performance. In this certification, we will show you how employee scorecards and career levels are essential to a strong employee management strategy. You will create the processes proven to motivate and engage your employees, and we will present the tips and tactics that will drive success. Learn more.

Certification Objectives:

  1. Learn how to create employee scorecards that drive performance.
  2. Discover the keys to a successful career level process.
  3. Uncover how to improve the performance of your Millennials and Gen Z employees.
  4. Walk away with two employee management processes.

More Master Certifications coming soon!

Workshop Presenters

World renowned experts in their fields.

Brand vs Offer Advertising - The 2020 Dealership Debate

Quincy Armstrong

Marketing Director | Rusnak Group 

Has the recent “shop from home” push changed the effectiveness of brand advertising vs. offer ads? Are loud advertisements with aggressive offers still effective for today’s dealerships? If so, what is the right mix of brand vs. offer marketing, and how should dealerships execute these campaigns for maximum effectiveness? In this session we will debate this issue and support our arguments with market data and dealership case studies to help you plan a winning strategy for the rest of 2020 and beyond.

Reimagining Front-Line Ready

Mike Boyd

Founder | iRecon 

Successful dealers need to redefine what it means to be “front line ready” today to adapt to changing buyer behavior. No longer is front line ready specific to having a vehicle on the physical lot. Nowadays a vehicle can be on the lot and not be seen by the 80% of car shopping that is done online. Utilize the latest reconditioning technology to increase your dealership efficiency, resulting in better cross-team collaboration and higher engagement on online listings.

What Classic Rock Can Teach Us About Consumers (And Inventory Merchandising)

Joe Dallas

Chief Business Officer | TradePending

What do classic rock and inventory merchandising have in common? A focus on outcomes, not technology, and many other surprises. Discover the correlations between insanely good classic rock and incredibly effective consumer marketing and inventory merchandising. Learn how to avoid striving for perfection, and instead focusing on resonating with your consumers. Learn how to talk price, without having to talk price, with your merchandising.

People-Centered Marketing: Creating Richer Connections

Drew Delaware

Head of Marketing | Gubagoo

Learn how to connect on a deeper, personal level with our future customers. Explore the psychology of messaging, conversational marketing, and people-centered measurement.

The Phones Tell the Truth: Why the Majority of Service Calls Are Not Ending In Incremental Revenue

Justin DePasquale

Vice President of Sales | CallRevu

On average, dealerships are only connecting on 39% of their calls! It's no secret that car sales are the number one priority for most dealerships, but the fixed ops department is equally as important to generating revenue, and some dealers have it figured out. Set more service appointments and increase customer retention at your store. 

How the Modern Consumer Wants to Buy from Your Dealership

Jonathan Jordan

Manager, Sales Strategy | JM&A

Customer preferences are continuously changing. Are you prepared to handle how this will affect your F&I profitability? Discover how to effectively sell products outside of the F&I Office. Gain insights into real-world virtual retail and learn how consumers want to interact with dealers in 2020 and beyond.

Why Most Variable Agencies Fail with Service Marketing

Kevin Kulma

Chief Operating Officer | Fixed Ops Digital

Service marketing content and paid media without conversion is wasting your marketing budget. Templated service marketing is not getting the job done today. Modern scheduling interface is needed in automotive service marketing today. Position your service department to have a better conversion rate and make more money!

Success is No Longer Getting the Consumer in the Store: Shifting Our Thinking to Attract the Buyer of Tomorrow!

Nicolle Lamb

CEO/Founder | Lane Marketing

How has the sales process evolved for the automotive industry during COVID? Evolving your in-store experience and allowing for an at-home experience is now more important than ever. Build a sales process that leverages the preferred communication channels of your customers, such as personalized video, texting and more.

Smart Ways to Acquire & Move Your Inventory

Patrick McMullen

Senior Vice President of Strategic Accounts | MAX Digital

Tim Scoutelas

Director of Strategic Accounts | MAX Digital

Discover the strategies and processes that smart dealerships are leveraging to build the right inventory now! Learn how to identify the high-value vehicles that you should be going after for your dealership location.

Local Search Marketing: 10 Reasons Why You Need to Give Your Google My Business Profile More Attention

Eric Miltsch

Co-Founder & Director of Marketing | Dealer Teamwork

Learn about the items your Google My Business profile is missing, how to fix it, and start connecting with more shoppers to drive clicks and calls! Over 80% of the industry is missing key items that impact their ability to improve local search performance.

Leverage Your Human Capital to Drive Better Results

Steve Roessler

VP of Sales | DriveCentric

Maximize your dealership leads. Change your dealership philosophy to focus on Engagement stats for a customer vs doing the task to do the task. By focusing on the right activities, dealerships are seeing an increase in Engagement, Showroom Traffic, and Internet Closing percent.

Getting Smart with Social Media: Hottest New Trends in 2020

Gail Rubinstein

Founder and CEO | Retail Resilient

This presentation will showcase new features for a variety of social media platforms including Facebook & Instagram! If you are looking to sell more cars and get a higher Return on your advertising dollars this is the presentation for you!

Holistic Digital Marketing: Your Guide to Connect with More Vehicle and Service Shoppers

Dane Saville

Co-Founder, Brand and PR Manager | Reunion Marketing

Connecting with both vehicle and service shoppers is vital for your dealership. In order to do so effectively, you need to create a holistic digital marketing strategy that helps you maintain and gain market share. This strategy must do two things: (1) stimulate more consumers so they enter the buying cycles; (2) capture your current local in-market shoppers. This session offers the groundwork for your dealership to create the most effective and cost-efficient plans for your SEO, PPC and paid social media campaigns. 

Marketing with Emotional Intelligence to Drive Profits, Business, and Market Share

Gray Scott

Marketing Director | Muller Honda Highland Park and Gurnee

Learn how two Honda dealerships in a saturated market of Chicago stayed afloat during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic. A fast response, quick availability of resources, and a high EQ is how they survived and rebounded stronger than ever with record-breaking numbers. Learn the data, tech, and process changes to make sure that your stores are nimble enough to face any market changes in your community, both now and in the future.

Building Our Own Future: How to Sell in the New Reality

Andrew Tai

CEO & Co-Founder | Motoinsight

The pandemic didn't change things, it just accelerated underlying currents in consumer expectations. Learn how consumer expectations have been shaped by dramatic changes in purchase technology across industries. Gain an understanding of how your dealership can learn from the evolved consumer demands in order to not only to recover from the pandemic, but to reinvent yourself and become stronger than ever in accordance with the new set of consumer expectations.

More workshops coming soon!

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Nov. 2-6, 2020 | Attend virtually