Breakout Speaker Applications

Applications Due July 1

The DrivingSales Executive Summit (DSES) is the leading industry venue for progressive dealers, the event where the industry learns from experts within the industry and beyond to drive automotive retail forward. You have an opportunity to join prominent business and marketing luminaries in influencing the direction of automotive retail.

If you are selected you will have access to an audience unlike any other in automotive retail. Thirty percent (30%) more dealer executives attend DSES than any other industry event, except the NADA Conference, and it attracts the most progressive dealers and groups that the rest of the dealer body looks to for direction. Unlike other conferences, you will not be competing with 100 or more other breakouts. Our larger and more senior audience will have the choice of less than 40 breakouts across 6 time slots.

Who should apply?

Dealership professionals, vendors, and industry experts are all welcome to apply. Anyone who feels they have expertise to impart, research to reveal, or actionable insight to share is encouraged to apply, as long as their content will benefit a progressive dealer audience.

What content are we seeking?

Breakout sessions will be organized into topic categories aligned with dealership roles and interests. Any organization can submit up to 2 applications, in different categories, for consideration.

As noted in the application scoring section, we are encouraging applicants to relate their material to how they are improving workforce productivity and loyalty. This will be a theme developed by several of our keynoters as a key industry challenge.

Customer Experience & Marketing

Examples: customer experience strategy, defining your dealership brand, optimizing overall marketing mix, online/offline marketing integration, integration, mobile, online merchandising, social media, semantic search, other advanced digital marketing strategies & tactics

Management & Operations

Examples: Dealership culture, recruiting, professional development, management strategy & systems, store-wide analytics, business strategy, financial strategy

Sales Strategy & Process

Examples: Sales culture, structure, compensation, development and recruiting, CRM, phone & lead handling

Customer Loyalty & Fixed Operations

Examples: Optimizing backend gross, consumer financing, service management strategies, service and owner marketing, appointment management, service lane experience

How will speakers be selected?

Dealers will review your applications and select our speaker line-up.
An anonymous panel of dealer executives and managers, aligned by topic of interest, will evaluate your applications and select our speakers.

Applications containing these elements will given bonus points in the selection process (out of a possible score of 100):

Dealer Presenter / Co-presenter (+20)

Original Research (+5-10)

Content Related to Workforce Productivity/Retention (+5-10)

Application Form and Instructions

Speaker / Contact Info

First, we’ll need your name, email, phone number, company, and job title. Then your speaker bio with a maximum of 150 words. Finally, we ask that you share a headshot that we can use if you are selected as a speaker. It should be high resolution (300+ dpi or bigger than 1500×1500px).

Presentation Information

Here’s what you need:
– Presentation title
– 50 word presentation summary including bullets of the 3 main takeaways that dealers will learn by attending

Video Application

Here’s what to include in your video: A personal video (max of 90 seconds) that will address the following:
– A brief summary of the topic you’ll be covering
– Why it’s important to today’s progressive dealer
– What type of research or findings you’re basing your content on
– What will attendees take away from this session?

Please note: If you are selected to speaker by the dealer panel, this video will be posted on and the DSES mobile app for attendees to preview thus enabling dealers to pick the most relevant session for their needs.

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