Retailing Like Amazon

John Rossman

Does your dealership want to think and sell like amazon?  Automotive retail is transforming, and disruptive technologies are changing the way vehicles are sold and serviced. Amazon has a thrilling power to innovate that few other companies have matched.

We brought in the guy who built the amazon marketplace to train you on how to think about digital retailing.  John Rossman will present a systematic approach Amazon uses to innovate and out-perform the competition. He’ll unpack the strategies, tools and tactics Amazon uses to achieve growth and increase customer trust.  Don’t miss John Rossman and learn how you can incorporate Amazon thinking into your dealership.


Engage and Inspire the Modern Workforce

Clint Pulver

Your dealership needs to hire and retain loyal, high-performing employees. As the talent pool transitions to millennials, do you know what it takes to connect and inspire today’s workforce? Often times, millennials won't open up to their supervisors, but they will open up to other millennials and provide valuable feedback regarding their employers. Clint will present “undercover” evidence from actual dealership employees on why they stay with the organization - or why they leave.

Known as “The Millennial Speaker”, Clint Pulver helps organizations that want to retain, engage and inspire the younger generation.

For over a decade, Clint has dedicated his heart to helping organizations understand the younger generation and helping the younger generation to understand themselves. With a blend of humor, unforgettable stories, and actionable takeaways that stick, Clint convinces audiences on the power of The Mentorship Effect, and why some leaders create lasting loyalty and others don’t.


Discover What's Next in Search

Britney Muller

Discover what’s next in search so you can dominate your market. We brought in one of the top experts in search marketing, Britney Muller, SEO Scientist at MOZ. She will present the latest insights in search marketing and discuss the different search technologies you should be watching. Britney will provide you with an advanced view of how you should be approaching search marketing in your dealership. From featured snippets to machine learning in SEO, Brittney will give you the insight you need to succeed in search.

Where do you go when you’ve mastered the fundamentals? How can you position your dealership and be ready for what’s next? Don’t miss Britney Muller’s informative keynote at DSES.

Britney Muller founded a boutique medical marketing agency after graduating from college and is now Moz's Senior SEO Scientist. Britney currently lives on a boat in Seattle and enjoys building Machine Learning models for digital marketing solutions in her spare time.

Grow Your Performance by Building a Strong Dealership Culture

Arnie Malham

Today, you need to develop your dealership's culture and have a team that will stand by you through times of change. From digital retailing, mobility, flexible scheduling and the evolving customer experience, do you have a culture that can implement progressive initiatives? Arnie Malham will present you with a sustainable framework for developing and evolving a winning dealership culture.

The last thing you have time for right now is building your dealership culture. You’ve got your hands full with OEM constraints, employee turnover, and compressing margins. Why should you spend valuable time and resources on your culture?

One thing is for sure, successful companies spend time, effort, and resources on culture. You’ve been to Starbucks and The Container Store, you’ve flown Southwest and ordered shoes from Zappos, you’ve stayed at a Ritz-Carlton and shopped at Macy’s. You’ve heard businesses preach about the importance of investing in your culture. How can you leverage their insights in your dealership? Arnie will show you exactly what you can do to build a sustainable and remarkable business culture.

Arnie Malham is an expert on building culture-first companies and grew one of the largest full-service advertising agencies in the country. His focus on culture led him to found BetterBookClub.com.

Don't miss Arnie’s dynamic presentation and discover how improving your culture can help you create meaningful change in your dealership.