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The Power Of Your Physical Location In A Digital World

David R Bell

Sunday, October 22nd – 4:55-5:40pm
Did you know that online-only retailers are envious of your dealership’s physical location? Companies like Warby Parker and Zappos are realizing the value of brick and mortar stores, and recent acquisitions like Whole Foods by Amazon highlight the value of a physical location.

What are the elements in your dealership where you can leverage your physical space?  Can these elements help you increase your store sales and revenue by focusing on the customer experience?

David Bell will present his findings and show you how to capitalize on what customers need and want in their physical experience.  Learn the changes you can make to improve your customer interactions and grow your store in an online world.

David is an expert in consumer shopping behavior, and his research is published in the Journal of Marketing Research, Quantitative Marketing and Economics, and the Journal of Consumer Research.

David teaches Marketing Management in the Wharton MBA program, and courses in Digital Marketing at Wharton’s Philadelphia and San Francisco campuses. He specializes in identifying the effects of physical brand on customer acquisition, and how brick and mortar establishments can have a positive impact on purchase decisions.

The Millennials Are Coming

Kristen Hadeed

Monday, October 23rd – 9:10-9:50am
By 2025, millennials will make up 75% of the working world. Are you ready? You can’t go anywhere today without hearing about the impact of Millennials– their buying habits, lifestyles and what they want in a career.

Kristen Hadeed is a millennial that only hires millennials.  As the founder of Student Maid, Kristen knows first-hand the challenges and opportunities that can be realized from hiring millennials.

The maid industry, much like automotive retail, has extremely high turnover rates (try telling your parents that you have a job cleaning toilets!).  Kristen was able to drastically reduce her company’s turnover and buck the industry trend.

Learn what millennials want in a career, how to hire and motivate them, and what Kristen has done to build a business by employing this new workforce.

The Future of Search

Michael King

Monday, October 23rd – 1:00-1:40pm
Michael King is the founder of boutique digital marketing agency iPullRank. Mike consults with companies all over the world on SEO, and in his presentation at DSES he’ll show you the emerging trends you need to know and address to own your digital marketing.

Search marketing is dynamic and ever-evolving, and dealerships can’t afford to get left behind. Gain the insight that Mike has shared with companies such as American Express and SAP and be equipped to leverage the latest trends in search.

How The Growth Mindset Transforms Leadership

Dr Heidi Grant

Monday, October 23rd – 4:55-5:35pm
As a leader, it’s your job to develop individuals and motivate them to achieve new heights. In order for you to grow your dealership and be ready for emerging threats and opportunities, you need a culture of change; one that avoids the Good Enough mindset. Discover tips on how your employees think and what you can do to help them grow.

Companies need to create a culture of learning and development in order to thrive, and Dr. Grant will share how the “Get Better Mindset” can transform your dealership into a culture of improvement.

Dr. Heidi Grant is a social psychologist who studies, writes and speaks on the science behind motivation. She’s a Senior Scientist for the Neuroleadership Institute, Associate Director of the Motivation Science Center at Columbia University, best-selling author and contributor to the Harvard Business Review and

The Loyalty Loop

Andrew Davis

Tuesday, October 24th – 11:30-12:10pm
As auto dealers we spend a lot of time telling our customers how different we are. We tell them we’re the #1 dealership in the market and that we have the highest volume sales in town. We tell them we have great service and unbelievable prices. But conduct an online search for a car dealer, and you’ll quickly find that we all sound the same. We’re all “trusted, award-winning, and dedicated to great service.”

It’s time we stop telling people we’re different. Start showing them you’re different.

It turns out one of the most effective ways to grow our business isn’t raising awareness for our dealership or filling a funnel with low-quality leads. Instead, treat your loyal customers as your most valuable asset. It’s time to exploit your loyalty loop.

The loyalty loop leverages your existing clients, email subscribers, and website visitors to drive a steady stream of highly valuable, high-margin, new sales.

In this exhilarating keynote address, best-selling author and marketing guru Andrew Davis, will help you harness the power of the new consumer journey. You’ll learn how to build anticipation, harness the honeymoon period, and drive inspirational moments online that result in new sales, faster. Whether you’re interested in increasing demand or increasing awareness for the cars on your lot and service you offer, the Loyalty Loop is designed to build a powerful sales engine that never sleeps.

You’ll leave inspired to re-think the way you win over new customers and transform the way you service the customers you already own.

Are you ready to embrace the Loyalty Loop?

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