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WTF is Google Instant?

Get Seen: Google Instant
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Search is changing. Again. Everyone is in a tizzy about Google Instant.

Anyone talking about it either loves it or hates it. Or thinks its faster. Or thinks its slower.

All I'm concerned with is how it can help me get better results within the search engines.

What's this Google Instant thing you say?

This is simply Google's newest solution for trying to figure out what it is you're trying to search for online. Google will try its very hardest to guess what you're looking for and auto-complete the search words you're using. (gESP anyone?)

I typed "J" and Google tried (and failed) by guessing my intent was Jet Blue. When I typed "Jus" Google's amazing auto-complete algorithm guessed right and served me up more Justin Bieber results than I'll ever need.

How can this help you gain more targeted traffic to your site?

Google believes this solution helps the person searching by finding different search terms. By delivering better alternatives, users will click on those terms they feel better suit their needs. At that time.

What if a refined term doesn't fit the user's mood? Is it suddenly less relevant to the user? One common question I've seen is if this will make some terms receive less traffic than others? Can Google manipulate traffic to those terms they deem more worthy of traffic simply because they can charge more for them within PPC campaigns?

Where are they getting these keyword alternatives from? Google Suggest of course. That can only mean keywords provided in the auto-complete fields will receive higher traffic. Whether or not Google stands to make more money from this strategic move isn't the point. That's another discussion. (And if you happen to think that's just Google being evil & you think they'll profit from these changes, then I suggest you buy Google stock & share in the profits. But then again, wouldn't that just make you evil as well? Hmmm.)

One Solution? Optimize your site for those terms being shown in the auto-complete fields if they're relevant to your content.

How are you adapting?

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