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Here you can ask questions and get answers to any of your accounting related questions. Discuss anything from funding an OEM program to creating better controls. If it has to do with Accounting, post it here.

Finance & Insurance

Talk about funding, product sales, pay plans, compliance or other topics relating to your F&I department.

Fixed Ops

Discuss Parts and Service best practices, technologies, pay plans, marketing strategies, or anything else on your mind regarding your Fixed Operations departments.


Share your best practices, ideas and concepts about automotive marketing departments and initiatives. How are you managing your marketing efforts internally, who is the best person for this task and what is, and isn’t, working in today’s digital age. How are you working with your agency and integrating these efforts within your dealership?

General Mgt

This is where you will find miscellaneous leadership and management issues such as hiring, pay plans, compliance, OEM relations, dealership buy/sell or real estate. Basically, if its a topic about running your dealership that affects all your departments, post it here.


Share your best practices, ideas and concepts about automotive Internet/BDC departments. Is your dealership practicing a centralized approach, what is your structure and how do your processes work? How does your dealership manage your pay plans for the method chosen?

Miscellaneous Industry

Things like industry news, trends, market conditions, OEM happenings and the like go here. In summary, if you’ve got a topic to discuss that are not related directly to your dealership, or a dealership department post them here.

New Car

Discuss all things pertaining to your New Car Department. Factory incentives, product knowledge, sales processes, technology for your New Car Dept, fleet sales, hiring, inventory issues or other topics relating to your New Car Department.

Used Car

Auctions, pricing, stocking, sales processes, wholesale, turn policies, reconditioning and other used vehicle related issues are to be posted and talked about here.

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