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AutoCheck - Is it really "more accurate than Carfax?

I keep reading that "AutoCheck is much better at reporting accidents than Carfax" and that it is "much more accurate." Is this really true? If we switch to AutoCheck are customers going to think that we have a bunch of previously wrecked vehicles on the lot or is this just a marketing ploy geared toward consumers?

Aug 11, 2011

This is absolutely true and they are also much cheaper. Before we made the switch to Autocheck we had numerous occasions where we bought or traded for vehicles that had perfectly clean Carfax reports only to find out later that they showed accidents and damage on the Autocheck. We even had vehicles that had signicant frame damage shown on the Autocheck that were perfectly clean according to Carfax.

Also, my experience has been that the customer really doesnt care which company you use if you just explain to them that Autocheck is the exact same thing and is actually more accurate. We have left our Carfax account open to pull the occasional single report when a customer absolutely wont buy a vehicle without a Carfax. But I would say this happens less than once a month.

Aug 12, 2011

That is absolutely NOT TRUE...I have the ability to view both reports with Laser Appraiser when I'm buying cars at the auction. From my experience neither one is more accurate than the other. Every day I see cars with negative information on Carfax that doesn't show up on Autocheck and vice versa. Carfax is more expensive but it's a lot more consumer friendly and they've done a heck of a job marketing themselves. If you use Carfax you won't have to lie to your customers by saying,"Autocheck is better". Because it's NOT! Let's face it dealers only use Autocheck because they are cheaper not because they are more accurate. Autocheck should give you a free 5 day trial period to compare, they did for us. Look at your current inventory with the two reports side by side and decide for yourself. With that said... I think it sucks that Carfax portrays dealers as unreputable businesses if we don't use them and then holds us hostage for $500 - $2000 a month for there services.

Aug 12, 2011

Good stuff! The one thing that Carfax has that I don't think AutoCheck has is the "Warranty Check" tab, where you can view the remaining warranties on the vehicle. Does anyone know if there are similar services out there or if AutoCheck does plan on getting this feature in the future?

Aug 13, 2011

There is another consideration besides AutoCheck and CARFAX. Try instaVIN Vehicle History and Title Reports. They are only $6.99 and less for Dealers. They don not have more minor accidents but they have the most current Total Loss accidents and Title data through NMVTIS which is real time data access. Many of their Total Loss accidents are not reported to either of the other services and they get the data first through direct access to DMV, salvage an insurance companies. In fact, all insurance companies must report total loss events to NMVTIS by law, making instaVIN's reports more extensive and timely in current event data. California is voting on legislation to require reports like instaVIN's to be disclosed to consumers before they buy. If the CA legislators endorse it, it should be considered vs the same ole' duopoly of CARFAX and AutoCheck.

Aug 15, 2011

Here is one downfall to Autocheck for auto dealers who use them on their website, they DO NOT have a way to pull One Owner Vehicles into search criteria where as Carfax has an API for it. So, without this functionality, you cannot have a One Owner Search field on your dealer website so customers can search one owner vehicles only, a major disadvantage to your inventory.

Example -,one_owner/tp/

Jun 17, 2015 (Last Edited: 2015-06-17 15:42:33)

What about opened recals? Does the AutoCheck show opened regals? Thanks for the information Dave!

Aug 22, 2011

Try My Repair Facts! They use NMVTIS such as Instavin and also allow you to add your own receipts to the report. This is handy because some people want to see the work you had done to the car along with the accident report. You can add pictures and search for recalls as well making it the new up and coming accident reporting site. It's really cool and a small company right now but I would keep my open for these guys taking a nice share in the market in the next couple years. If I had some investments to play with , id be loading my portfolio into this site.

Mar 5, 2013

Hi! I'm Maria with VinAudit, a first level access provider of NMVTIS. In the vehicle history market, there really is no *complete* history that you can find anywhere. Carfax may have info AC don't or vice versa, the lesson is nobody provides a *complete* one. Carfax has info providers that AC do not, and AC has info providers Carfax don't as well. That's the reality. The least a car buyer can do is to get all info available as much as possible, maybe ask the dealer to get a second report either from Autocheck or NMVTIS.

Mar 27, 2013

My experience is that VinAudit is not worth the $7.00 they charge. Often they don't even find records of accidents that are on CarFax.

Jul 19, 2013

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