F&I dept. - stay or go?

Adrian Stachowski

Hi Guys.

I'm a journalist, a writer for "Dealer" Magazine that comes out in Poland. I'm working on a article that covers the debate around F&I department and it's role within a dealership. I was wondering if I could ask you guys for your opinion. Is it better to have a seperate F&I specialist ot to integrate F&I process into a one-salesman scenario? What do you thing, what are the pros and cons of both ways to approach this issue? And while you give me your opinion, I would like to ask to describe your operation in that regard.

Let's have a debate!


Taylor  Politte

My opinion is that its a fallacy to think of the F/I as a one size fits all approach. I have seen many different F/I settups that work for different dealers and their customers.  Why would there have to be one uniform approach?  Does Dale's Dodge have to do it the same way as Dan's Dodge?  Or because it works better for Dan's Dodge does that mean it will work just as good for Dale's Dodge? How about we let Dale and Dan figure out what works best for Dale and Dan. 

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