Scheduling for Large Service Department

Kate Poole

We are a shop that writes an average of 130 vehicles per day.  We are working on duration scheduling.  Right now we are not doing this.  Does anyone of similar volume use CDK Service Edge for duration scheduling?  We've been working on the "magic number" for duration hours.  I have multiple cases open with Service Edge but they've been difficult to work with.  A lot of the people I have spoken with don't understand what I am talking about.

Denim Simkins

Kate - Great question.

I would like to know more about what you mean by "duration hours"

Are you talking about the estimated time you block out for a certain repairs when scheduling or are you talking about the time during write up and how much time to block out?

I have found out more often than not when dealing with a vendor the one in place to help doesnt have the backgound or experience to answer the tougher questions.

Give me a little more background on what you are trying to accomplish and I will be happy to chime in with my two cents....

mark rask

We use x time and would be lost without it.....we also have a service bdc department that handles all of the scheduling

Andrew Long

There are lots of great management tools out there that have good people that understand how service works. Mr. Rask mentioned one of them above and I happen to work for another one AutoLoop. I apologize in advance as I don't want to sound like a salesman, I just handle the accounts. If Duration is what you want to stick with you'll need consistant support from the vendor due to the complexity of the settings. If CDK doesn't work for you and you decide to look at other products, make sure to ask them to show you how the settings are laid out and what type of support they offer when changes are needed.


Hope this helps!

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