Craigslist Posting Companies

Steve Devereaux
I received a phone call from a company that said they have ways of posting all of your inventory everyday to Craigslist in multiple locations. Has anyone used a company like this? Are they any good?
Bryan Armstrong
Some can be but many are routinely flagged by Craigslist. IThe best success I have had is with a Company called Blue Sky Marketing. They actually dob it right in my opinion. I'll dig through my stuff and e-you a contact.
Steve Devereaux
Thanks. I checked out their website, but they don't have any example listings. Our Craigslist listings look pretty good with the HomeNet tool we use.
Jim Bell
I have tried putting all of my inventory on CL in the past and didn't have much success. I have now just focused on the $10k and under cars and that seems to be working. We have a tool in the back of our website manager that generates code and it looks like it you are on our website when looking at our listing.
Greg Mills
Cargigi does a great craigslist posting job, I work with Darrell at 949-680-4510, if you have any questions call me. Thanks Greg 541-944-7377
Gary May
We've recommended various companies over the past 1-2 years. The best we've seen so far concentrating on Craigslist is CarGigi. The feedback from the dealers using it is 100% positive whether they're our clients or not. Yes, we do call to check vendors we recommend....

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