The Golden Rule of Management

Jay Witt
Being that I worked retail and customer service jobs before embarking on an adventure in the auto industry, I have seen several types of management. Some good, some really bad. I have heard people in the Auto Industry say "Grow thicker skin" as they rip their associates apart. I've heard them refer to sales members as "weak*****" because they can't close a customer on a payment that is $300 higher a month than they initially stated they wanted to pay. What I'm getting at is this. To quote a great businessman, "We need to not take ourselves too seriously. We sell cars. We are not trying to cure cancer." This same businessman started a company some 50 years ago and is considered one of the top 20 companies to work for in the United States. He wrote this memo a long time ago to his management staff but I think any manager, regardless of your industry, should read this. Good stuff. I have changed the name of the company to a generic "Company Name" <Compan
Bart Wilson
Most of the managers I have worked for and worked with were great salespeople that were promoted to management. What makes them qualified to manage salespeople? They were good salespeople. That may not be enough. A good manager must be willing to train. I feel that the reasons the managers in your example lashed out at their salespeople is that they weren't trained properly in the first place.

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