#TheDress #AutoMarketing

Ron Henson
Who will be the first to say, "What color is this car?" http://bit.ly/1E4aILV #BandWagon
Skutch Henks
It's definitely white & gold. Wait a minute now it's blue & black. I cry sorcery!
Ron Henson
I agree! Sorcery & Witchcraft!
mark rask
I agree.....sorcery #pensacon
Shawn Ryder
I have seen posts about the "dress" but haven't read anything yet! I have NO idea what it is all about.... is that odd?
Lauren Moses
I ALMOST made an image for our facebook page this morning on this. I was out yesterday so missed the start of it. May still go ahead and make an image. From what I read it was actually started out as a project by some people. Didn't get a chance to finish reading the article. I'll have to find it again and post it. None the less, the dress is ACTUALLY blue.

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