Reddit & Flipboard

Mike Jeffs
I'm curious if any dealerships have used Reddit and/or Flipboard to advertise? If so, any success? Thanks!
JD Rucker
As an active Reddit user for 7 years, I can guarantee that there's no value in a car dealership advertising there. Great for posting high-quality content. Terrible if you want to get action at the dealership.
Ryan Leslie
I agree with JD on Reddit and might even go a step further to say that overt "adverposting" would likely be counterproductive. Reddit certainly wouldn't like it and I suspect that downvotes wouldn't be the only negative outcome. (Hey JD, is "adverposting" a term in use already or can I copyright it?)
Megan Barto
Copyright it. :-)As long as you find a fun pic for a slide -- kinda like your "Showrooming" one ;-)
Robert Karbaum
You can find the odd customer who is asking for information on a specific vehicle in your area.
josh pogue
It think it depends on how you play it, r/toronto gets a lot of traffic, but not sure the time and effort required to create appealing and interesting content would be worth the resulting leads.

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