Handling inbound calls

Kevin I. Parker
I am looking at hiring phone Ninja's. Who has used them & what was & is the outcome?
Shannon Hammons
I looked at them, but didn't use them. I decided I was needing something different here than just phone training. However, Everyone I spoke to about them gave great reviews, and I really liked their scripts and what they offered. If I ever need phone training here they will be my first call.
William Havican
I've never used them but have been on webinars led by Jerry and have read enough blog/forum posts that he'd be my first call as well (and probably my last).
Jim Bell
We don't use them, but I do know of several that use them and they are awesome. Give it a try and see for yourself. He has a stand up program and it works with the 'scripts' that they teach off of.
mark rask
heard great things
Craig Waikem
They are awesome, but very costly. I would recommend Danny Alkassmi from Rising Beyond Inc. I have NEVER ment anyone as passionate as Danny. http://rbipro.com/team. Make sure you mention my name or message me for his direct email or phone #. We have been partners with Danny for over 15+ years. However, if you go with Phone Ninjas, you will not be dissapointed.

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