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Why should I buy a car from you?

I would like to see how everyone sets up their value your package to differentiate their store from the competition.

Apr 25, 2013

1. Negotiation-free sales process - we price below sold market value
2. Non-commissioned sales advisors - they get paid same regardless if they sell a $500 or $50,000 vehicle.
3. Anderson Advantage - with every vehicle purchase the buyer receives: 100 free car washes, collision deductible reimbursement (this has saved me personally $1000 so far), engine for life warranty on used, free rock chip repair.
4. A portion of every sale goes to our 501c3 non-profit organization called Because People Matter (BPM). BPM makes donations to local charities and organizations, plus helps causes and efforts around the world.

Apr 25, 2013

Here is what we are currently working with. I feel like we did a good job branding it but it needs more substance....just need to get some ideas on other good things to add.

Apr 25, 2013

Chad and Walt,

Great job on your value packages. Anyone else out there doing something interesting like this?

Apr 26, 2013

Apr 26, 2013

I'm a big fan of Norm Reeves Honda's "Why Buy":

Apr 26, 2013

I agree with Brad, Reeves Honda "Why Buy" is great, it has too much emphasize on customer satisfaction which create a sense of trust.

May 20, 2013

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