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The Digital Ecosystem - Full Circle Marketing

04d0339350ea052ecf69d4bd8d5925cf.jpg?t=1The Digital Ecosystem 

Over the last 5 years I have concentrated on a mix of essential dealership initiatives. Over time, dropping specific aspects and re-evaluating, finally I came up with a cycle I like to call the “Digital Eco System”. 

The Digital Eco System if deployed correctly, with a focused, aggressive plan should make up for the loss of walk in traffic we are all missing these days. It wouldn't be a suprise to see a 30% increase in retail sales growth! 

Website: Looking for perfection here!

  • Mobile strategy is a must! Adaptive/Responsive
  • Content game plan. Be the EXPERT! People are begging for good information.
  • All the basics… Good-looking “Staff Page”, updated specials, simple layout, etc. There is a ton of info about “Perfecting Your Website” all over the web.
  • Even more important is the next point…

Merchandising: The sun, water and earth of the ecosystem!

  • This IS your website, the reason you are in business…Wait… are those stock photos? Would you put cardboard cut outs of your new cars in the showroom? ‘Nuff said!
  • 30 – 45 pictures, 200-word story, walk around video…
  • It is ESSENTIAL that your VDP is better than your competitor if you want a chance!

SEM: Search Engine Marketing. All facets.

  • Facebook Advertising! It’s great. Get on board.
  • AdWords – Dynamically pulled from your DMS
  • Search, Display, Retargeting, Pre Roll.
  • This is the lowest hanging fruit. It’s not cheap but it works and is imperative for a healthy Eco System.

Reputation Management: Advocates will drive business to your front door!

  • Dealer Rater, Yelp, Google Reviews, Facebook Reviews, the list goes on!
  • Pick a few and dive in…HARD. This needs a process, and some TLC.
  • People judge your entire brand by your reviews.

CRM/Lead Management: Forget everything else if you don’t get this down first.

  • 90 – 120 day follow up.
  • Dedicated/devoted E-Lead reps (Or Sales Staff that care…)
  • Video follow up.
  • VDP – PDF Brochure

Budget/Calendar: Stay on track and optimize the budget to SAVE money and deliver better results!

  • Detailed budget
  • Media Calendar
  • Follow closely

These 6 ecosystem elements are key components I believe are important to deliver a full circle, digitally concentrated plan. Execute with focus and don’t leave any ingredients out! 

What components do you think im missing? Anything you wouldn't have in your ecosystem?

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