Human Capital Management For Dealerships


Reduce turnover by developing your most important asset– your people.

What We Do

We automate the critical first 18 months of the employee engagement cycle from assessing potential hires to completing performance reviews, including all the career management, competency development and analytic benchmarking that happens in between.

A Professional Network

Our platform extends into the DrivingSales community, the largest automotive social network in the world, and most influential dealer events, where dealership professionals learn and collaborate to get the support and recognition they need as they advance in their automotive careers.

DrivingSales Human Capital Management Solution automates the practice of engaging and developing your dealership team members – saving you time and increasing profit.

Talent Optimization Cycle

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through testing


Growth maps
& strategies


Core skills &


Benchmarks &
performance reviews


Short & long
term alignment

icon-assess Assess: Accountability through testing

Shorten the time to value for your teams.

icon-assess Plan: Growth maps & strategies

Give management and consultants customized development paths based on individual abilities.

icon-assess Develop: Core skills & competencies

See real time course assignments and view reports based on individual progress.

icon-assess Measure: Benchmarks & performance reviews

Track team and individual progress to boost skills and knowledge.

icon-assess Reward: Short & long-term alignment

Reward performance, recognize top performers and incentivize career growth.

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The Real Cost Of Dealership Turnover

Did you know with turnover at 67% it costs your dealership as much as $450 per car sold? And also costs you about $45,000 per lost employee.

52% of the committed, long-term employees in your dealership are motivated by career growth opportunities and personal development.

We have helped dealerships reduce the 67% turnover rate to 27% by helping them train their employees correctly.

Why Does Your Store Need DrivingSales HCM?

Reduce your dealership’s turnover by developing your staff’s competencies

General Manager

  • Boost profitability of dealership by increasing employee retention
  • Gain returning customers, referrals and higher sales with customized consultant training
  • Achieve significant competitive advantage by developing strengths and skills of sales staff

Sales Manager

  • Gain more time by streamlining the daily trainings of new hires
  • Analyze performance of sales team through mobile app or desktop dashboard
  • Quickly identify and respond to needs and provide feedback as needed

Sales Consultant

  • Visualize your career path to increase advancement opportunities
  • Learn valuable sales and customer service skills to get more return customers and referrals
  • View your team’s benchmarks to see where your performance stands against your coworkers

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