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AskPatty.comFor the past several months, you can’t turn on the TV, glance at the Internet or flip through the pages of a newspaper without seeing a story or two about the dismal state of the auto makers and local market dealerships trying to survive or not. The auto industry is struggling to gain ground with cash-strapped consumers and is looking for ways to once again become a relevant part of consumer's daily lives.

Women either buy or influence the purchase of 85 percent of all new cars and trucks sold in the United States today. If women are so influential, why do they often feel ignored or worse, on the showroom floor?

During this unique and interesting economic time, does it make sense to polish your sales skills for the most influential purchaser of cars, Women?

Here are a few tips to help you communicate, gain trust, respect and sell more cars to women:

   1. Ask for and use her name. Her name is not sweetie, honey, lovely lady, baby or any other similar nonsense. Regardless of what kind of car she expresses interest in test-driving or buying, at no time does it give you (the salesman) the right to patronize me her saying “You’ll look really good in this car”.

    2. Use direct eye contact. Look at he when she is speaking to you, and look at her (not your cell phone) when you are talking to he. And remember, her eyes are up here, not down there.

    3. Listen to her carefully. When I, or any other woman, tell you exactly what they’re wanting in a car, write it down if necessary. When I ask questions, be patient and respectful when answering, and don’t talk so fast. Talking too fast is the quickest way to get me to ask you the same questions again just to make a point. When you talk too fast, it gives the appearance that you’re trying the bait-and-switch game, which no woman has any patience for.

    4.  Cell phone use. Being on your cell phone when waiting on a customer is downright rude. Either put your phone on silent or vibrate, or simply turn it off when dealing with customers directly. When receiving a call on your cell phone, your customer should be your first priority. Let your caller go to voicemail and take care of your customer, then check your voicemail messages. Don’t talk on your cell phone when taking customers on a test-drive. Doing so just might cost you the sale.

It is critical for dealerships to understand the Power of the Purse. Women represent multiple markets and are well informed before they come to buy a car. They talk to their friends, they surf the internet, read an average of 4 car magazines. When they buy, they buy for their families, their businesses and make recommendations to their friends and family.

Will women visiting your dealership be recommending you?


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