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The Consumer Experience



The Internet is practically a limitless form of Media. This interconnected Web has brought together people across the world in ways that no one could have ever imagined some
twenty years ago. Let’s face it, the Internet is here to stay and your dealership’s website is becoming the go-to for interested car buyers. Don't make your customers wonder whether they've visited the wrong side of the Web when they come to your website.

Here are some tips to build trust and in turn, increase conversions:

1. Show where you have been featured
All dealers love press, display what you love! Whether your dealership is featured for hosting a wedding or for having the biggest inventory of electric vehicles in the county.  Add a “featured” or “as seen in” section to your website to achieve this.

2. Join the BBB

Signing up for the BBB and adding its badge to your site is a great way to instill trust in your business. The BBB symbol also lets visitors know that your brand is subject to scrutiny if it operates in a less-than-ethical manner, which creates an added layer of trust.

3. Add testimonials

Actions speak louder than words right? No! Not for your website! A happy customer is! Testimonials enhance the consumer experience and build trust for your dealership, especially if they plan to visit your showroom for the first time.

4. Include photos of you and your staff!
To build that personal connection to your website, add photos of you and the staff! The "About Us" page on your site or the company directory is a great place for staff biographies and pictures.

5. Add social media icons

When people see that dozens or even hundreds of people have "liked" your dealership’s fan page they are more likely to feel the effect of safety in numbers and participate in your brand offering. However, make sure to place these icons in an appropriate place on your site. Plastering these icons on every page is not going to increase your social media engagement. Add social media icons to your  “Thank you for contacting us” pages which consumers see immediately after they submit a Web lead.

6. Clearly display your contact information
Your online customers shouldn’t need to play a scavenger hunt to find your dealership’s contact information and directions. Also, make sure you link your address to a map every chance you get. Website heatmaps show consumers heavily click on addresses hoping a map to your location will appear.

7. Have Chat on your website!
Your consumers want instant communication, they don’t want to pick up the phone and be entered into a queue before speaking directly with someone. With a simple code on your website you are able to add a live chat feature to quickly connect with site visitors. Chat is not the same as a basic lead form on your website. Chats can capture a lot of information about what the consumer is looking for and the end result can be a relationship building conversation between your dealership and a potential customer.

Let’s take a look at a couple of chats where I pretty much rocked in customer service  :-)

Chat #1

Ketty 12:40:52 Hi there Mark! My name is Ketty. How can I help you?
Mark 12:41:13 what the difference between an Insight and a Civic Hybrid?
Ketty 12:41:26 I can certainly help you with that Mark!
Ketty 12:41:36 Was there specific differences you wanted to know about?
Mark 12:42:09 Size, ammenities, mileage and cost?
Ketty 12:42:42 Sure thing!
Ketty 12:42:44 The Insight comes in a base, LX and EX trim. All Insights provide ample interior head and leg room for both front and rear passengers, and with the rear seat folded down, cargo space is rated at 31.5 cubic feet.
Ketty 12:43:08 Standard equipment on the base trim includes HID headlamps, LED brake lights, rear wiper, a 160-watt CD/MP3 stereo, a tilt/telescoping steering column, power windows and locks, anti-lock brakes and Honda's Vehicle Stability Assist.
Ketty 12:43:31 The LX adds power mirrors, remote keyless entry, automatic climate control and cruise control. The EX adds Bluetooth, alloy wheels, heated mirrors and variable wipers. Navigation is optional on EX models--the system adds other goodies such as Bluetooth hands-free connectivity, steering wheel-mounted audio, navigation and phone controls.


Chat # 2

Ketty 22:43:22 I'll note that down that you are planning to trade your Caravan.
Ketty 22:43:40 How soon were you looking to make a trade?
Jennifer 22:43:42 I had a trade in offer of $4000 already for it
Jennifer 22:44:11 I don't know - my husband needs to use the van to haul my new pool table :)
Ketty 22:44:20 Oh nice!
Ketty 22:44:29 Was that a VDAY gift?
Jennifer 22:44:31 The pool table was free - was my dad's
Ketty 22:44:39 That's even better!
Jennifer 22:44:52 He has to go to Ohio to get it though
Ketty 22:45:08 Oh, well I'm sure he'll make a trip out of it!
Ketty 22:45:32 It's good to get away from the work routine once in awhile. =)


These are just snippets of chats I had with the customers, but I’m sure you get the point what chat can do for your dealership. If you don’t have the time to chat, that’s okay, ActivEngage’s Managed chat has an 80% chat-to-lead conversion, 6-second chat pick up time, and 10% of chats have include an appointment for a test drive.  If you want more information on in-house vs. managed chat, download our FREE ebook here.

So what are you doing to enhance your consumer experience online?


Ketty Colom
Thanks Jim!

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