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Landing Pages Your Online Meet & Greet

We were all taught the 10 step road to a sale when we were little in the car business.

Step 1 – Meet and Greet: Walk confidently up to your customer, extend your hand and say “Hi Welcome to ABC dealership my name is Larry, and you are?” Firm hand shake look the customer in the eye.

Anyone who has ever sold a car knows the importance of this step. It sets the tone for the rest of you sales process with that up. Get it right you’ve got a 10x better chance of selling that up, get it wrong and you're up will immediately start looking for ways to bail.

Visitor landings are ups driving on to your digital lot. So what's your meet and greet like?

A confident, strong handshake viewed as trustworthy and engaging?  A wimpy, sweaty handshake depicting nervousness and mediocrity or the blow off like when someone puts out their hand, invites a handshake, and just as they’re about to shake hands, they lift their hand up quickly and says “syke!”.

In the digital world we live in today your ad is the invitation to shake hands — the extended open hand. Your landing page is the connection, the actual handshake. The “Hi Welcome to ABC dealership my name is Larry, and you are?” and sets the tone for a deeper conversation and / or purchase.

Are your landing pages wimpy, strong, or do they blow off potential customers? Here are three basic types of landing page meet and greets.

The sweaty palm (the deep link or single dynamic landing page)

Sending your traffic to a deep link or a dynamic landing page is easy, but it’s also wussy handshake, like a sweaty palm. Sure, there’s no work involved — you simply take the most relevant page on your site and send your paid traffic there. But when you invite a user to click on your ad with a specific message, and send them to an informational deep link that doesn’t clearly match the message of your ad, you disappoint the user and they lose confidence in you. Like when you meet someone with a sweaty, wimpy handshake.

The blow off (the home page)

Sending your paid traffic to your home page of your random access website is the ultimate in disrespect. For example you do a email or a search marketing campaign on special offer. Your email / ad is all about this offer and puts its hand out with the offer, but links directly to your home page — no mention of the coupon code to be found. SYKE! This is a complete blow off. You dangled the offer right in front user, only to disappoint them with no mention of the offer on your home page. Don’t stick out your hand unless you can deliver the goods.

The confident (the message matched experience)

Ah yes, the confident landing page. This handshake is well-designed and on-target. It’s slick and adapts easily to different people or segments. A confident landing page is message-matched, features high-quality design & delivers a great brand experience. This is the type of landing page that “Hi Welcome to ABC dealership my name is Larry, and you are?” and the type of landing page that delivers the goods and converts visitors.

Remember, first impressions count. Don’t blow off your potential customers with a wimpy landing. Put your hand out and deliver a great handshake.

Larry Bruce
Thanks Jared, I have been trying to find the right way to dealers to understand what off site landing pages and microsites do. I hope this will help.

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