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Email campaigns

I am the digital marketing/bdc manager at a Hyundai and a Chevrolet store. They are two seperate stores.  We do a lot of e mail marketing at both …

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Someone Created Fake Wi-Fi Networks at the RNC — and it Could Affect Your Dealership

Someone Created Fake Wi-Fi Networks at the RNC — and it Could Affect Your Dealership

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Announcing the DrivingSales Presidents Club!





At the request of many dealers in the industry, we’re proud to announce that DrivingSales will host an automotive Presidents Club event for the top CEOs and General Managers in the industry.  The meeting will be held at the Waldorf Astoria in New York, April 21-22, 2013.

The Presidents Club is a private meeting for Dealer Principals and industry Presidents to gather and study the trends regarding the three most important assets in operating a dealership:

  • Your capital
  • Your brand
  • Your people


Seth Godin, known as one of the top branding experts in the world, a best-selling author and successful entrepreneur, will be spending time with the dealers discussing how to make your dealerships brand a powerful asset that stands out in your market.

In addition to Seth we will be bringing in an economist to shed light on some macroeconomic trends that are placing pressure on stores and how to navigate them.  We will be studying new and unreleased research regarding automotive retailing, and we will discuss leadership practices in today’s progressive dealerships.

The event is designed to be ultra intimate, giving the dealers ample face time with the experts in attendance and to facilitate a high level of networking. 

We invite the Dealer Principals and General Managers of the DrivingSales community to attend.  There are less than 80 seats remaining, so we recommend you RSVP as quickly as possible.


Club FAQ

When and where is the event?
The event will be held April 21-22 at the Waldorf Astoria New York.

Who should attend?
The meeting is for Dealer Principles, General Managers, and their guests.  Dealership managers such as Marketing Managers, Sales Managers, etc. are welcome as guests of their Dealer Principal and GM.

Will I meet Seth Godin?
Yes, the event will have few attendees, and Seth has agreed to stay after to sign books and mingle with the Dealers in attendance.

What topics will be covered?
The meeting will focus on the three most important assets in running a dealership: your capital, your brand and your people.

What is the attire?
Business Casual

Bryan Armstrong
What an awesome opportunity to learn from one of the greatest marketing minds of this generation. Well played Driving Sales!
Lindsey Auguste
Thanks, Bryan! We're pretty stoked at it because of all the value dealer operators can get from it. Know a Dealer Principal or GM that should be there? Let them know!

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