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2 Dealership Test Drives, 2 Thefts

September 13, 2017 0 Comments

Not one, but two car shoppers allegedly left on test drives this week and didn’t return the vehicles.

According to the SunHerald, 36-year old Chasity Leesha Lett allegedly took a 2010 Chrysler Sebring on a test drive, and decided to simply keep the car. The used vehicle was reported stolen from an undisclosed Mobile, Alabama, dealership. As the story goes, Lett drove the vehicle far beyond the typical test drive range, just over 75 miles to her home in Gulfport, Mississippi. Lett was arrested on September 11, near her home across state lines from the store.

Also reported stealing a dealership vehicle on September 11 was 37-year-old Joshua Vandiver. Vandiver allegedly stole a Dodge Challenger from Kir’s AutoSales, out of Gulfport, Mississippi, when he sped out of the dealership parking lot in the vehicle. Vandiver did reportedly cause damage to the Challenger and was arrested following a brief pursuit.

Prior to test drives, consumers typically have their drivers licenses copied by a dealership employee. However, that doesn’t always stop would-be car thieves from attempting theft. What steps do you tell your employees to take if they find themselves along for the ride in a dangerous test drive situation?

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