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Allegation: Dealership Suddenly Closed, Customer Cars Gone

February 25, 2017 0 Comments

Today’s story involves multiple consumers who say a used vehicle dealership suddenly closed shop for good, taking their vehicles with them.

Southcoast Auto Exchange appeared as a regular dealership, as seen in this YouTube video posted back in September of 2014. However, fast-forward two years and four months later and as seen in this WPRI report, the store is as empty as a ghost town. WPRI presented a detailed account of how the dealership is now closed and allegedly scammed multiple customers by taking vehicles the customers owned when they left with their inventory.

At least two customers have taken the store to small claims court and won victories, however the dealership owners listed on state government documents, Jason Tanner and Charles Caruso have not been found. Local media attempted to reach both men but have been unsuccessful. Have you every heard of this type of case in which a small used store closed up and took cars owned by their customers?

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