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American Flag Vandalism & Veteran Car Donation

November 10, 2017 0 Comments

This is your look at dealership news from all across the nation.

First up: Sometime during the night of November 2, someone took down and burned the large American Flag raised above Quebedeaux Mitsubishi, in Tucson, Arizona. In a happy ending to the story, thanks to lots of donations and support, the dealership has a new flag, which it plans to raise in a ceremony on Veteran’s Day.

Next, according to WDRB, the OxMoor group, based in Louisville, Kentucky, has given Navy veteran Brian Malone a Toyota Camry. Brian’s son has autism and “struggles with low muscle tone.” The gift will reportedly help with trips to upcoming medical appointments. The donation is part of the “Keys to Progress” program from Progressive Insurance.

Finally, according to USAToday, Langlade Ford, in Antigo, Wisconsin, recently was the target of a break-in and attempted theft. The would-be thief tried to steal a Toyota Camry that was in for service; however, he crashed the car into the service door, where it got stuck, prompting the suspect to flee the scene.

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