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Audi Goal: 800,000 EV/Hybrid Sales By 2025

May 14, 2018 0 Comments

For today’s story Audi now has the stated goal of selling 800,000 EV and hybrid vehicles inside of 7 years.

According to Reuters, Audi has announced intentions to sell 800,000 plug-in hybrid or electric vehicles by 2025. The announcement comes as Audi, part of Volkswagen AG, seeks to distance itself from the far-reaching diesel emissions crisis.

Audi will reportedly have 20 electric vehicles in its fleet by 2025. Per Reuters, Audi sold 16,000 hybrid vehicles in 2017 and doesn’t yet have a fully electric vehicle in its lineup, with the first one slated to arrive late in the summer of 2018. Audi has reported invested $47 billion to fun its lofty EV/Hybrid sales and production plans.

How drastically do you think the automotive landscape will change during the next decade? In your view will electrics and hybrids see a sharp rise in popularity that will allow automakers like Audi to meet their goals?

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