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Dealership Offers 20-Year/200,000-Mile Warranty

January 22, 2018 1 Comment
A 20-year, 200,000-mile dealership warranty is making headlines this week.
According to KFSN, Selma Auto Mall, in Selma, California, is offering a 20-year, 200,000-mile warranty “with every purchase of a new car.” The Selma Auto Mall website indicates the warranty is available for new vehicle purchases, not on leases. The report on the warranty indicates it covers the vehicle powertrain, drivetrain, and, if needed, any all-wheel-drive system.
The dealership reportedly offered the warranty as a promotion, but following reportedly stronger sales, has decided to keep it. The warranty is not being marketed as an add-on, but as built into the price of new vehicles at Selma Auto Mall.
What’s your take on the 20-year, 200,000 vehicle warranty? During your time in retail automotive, have you ever offered a similar promotion?

About the Author:

Dave Martinson is a broadcast journalist for DrivingSalesNews. He has a background as a TV News Reporter, Anchor and Producer. He has also worked in Digital Marketing and Human Resources. He received his bachelor’s degree in Communication from Brigham Young University – Idaho. He’s married and originally from the state of Washington. He’s a huge football fan and enjoys the outdoors.

  • Chris says:

    It’s actually SAD, DESPERATE, and UNREALISTIC – but someone had to do it. I was thinking about a 50 year & 500,000 mile warranty to offer plus Free Gas for Life, but that ended when I realized we are here to sell cars, not offer pies in the sky.