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AutoNation CEO Talks Tariffs, Tesla Deposits Rise $2500

June 28, 2018 0 Comments

This is your look at dealership news from all across the nation!

First off, Mike Jackson, CEO of Auto Nation spoke to CNBC about potential tariffs of autos being imported into the USA. In his CNBC interview Jackson said in Part, ” “Automotive tariffs will make steel tariffs look like a company picnic. This will unleash, if it comes about, a real trade war because the numbers are just so much bigger. It will raise prices dramatically for consumers in the United States. It will be inflationary.”

Next up, multiple media outlets including Autoblog are reporting that Toyota has indicated that a 25% tariff on vehicles imported into the USA, would add at least $1,800 to the cost of a new Corolla. Mazda similarly indicated tariffs would “significantly increase” the cost of one of their new vehicles.

Finally, per CNBC, Tesla motors is reportedly asking those who put deposits down on a Tesla Model 3, to pay another $2500 to get their vehicles. Tesla originally asked for $1000 deposits in anticipation of the purchase of a Model 3.

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Dave Martinson is a broadcast journalist for DrivingSalesNews. He has a background as a TV News Reporter, Anchor and Producer. He has also worked in Digital Marketing and Human Resources. He received his bachelor’s degree in Communication from Brigham Young University – Idaho. He’s married and originally from the state of Washington. He’s a huge football fan and enjoys the outdoors.