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AutoNation Dealerships Settlement: $3.38 Million

March 7, 2018 0 Comments

The largest dealership group in the country is making headlines this week following the settlement of a multi-million dollar lawsuit.

According to multiple media reports, 57 AutoNation dealerships out of California have reached a $3.38 million settlement with California district attorneys in an environmental lawsuit. The dealerships stand accused of mishandling the storage and disposal of hazardous waste as well as the disposal of customer records. Invoices and other personal customer information were reportedly found in the trash cans of an undisclosed number of the dealerships.

One aspect of the settlement, according to the Santa Clara district attorney, is that, “AutoNation dealerships in California now have a full-time environmental director who will monitor their environmental compliance and training.” The same report indicated AutoNation was cooperative throughout the process and has taken steps to improve its compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

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