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BMW Launches Subscription Pilot Program

April 5, 2018 0 Comments

Access by BMW, whose pilot program kicked off yesterday in Nashville, TN, is a members-only service providing unlimited access to a “diverse fleet of cars” for a flat, predetermined monthly fee. Rivals Porsche Cadillac introduced similar services last year: Porsche Passport and Book by Cadillac, respectively.

“It’s a very small pilot; just enough to get our feet wet and see what happens,” a BMW spokesperson told Digital Trends.

How will Access by BMW work?

The program is largely smartphone-based, and works with both Android and Apple devices. Members us the app to request a car, not unlike how you request rides in the Uber app. Depending on which tier members choose when they sign up for the program, they will have different model options.

The Legend tier includes Tier: vehicles like the 4 Series, the 5 Series, the new X2, the X5, and the M2, and plug-in hybrid models like the 530e iPerformance are available as well. The more expensive M tier includes M-badged models such as the M5, the M6, the X5 M, and the X6 M.

The i3, the i8, the 7 Series, and the Mini Hardtop are not included in Access by BMW, but the automaker said it would add additional tiers to the program as it expands, so those models could join the program at some point.

Once the vehicle is selected, a BMW concierge delivers it to the chosen place at a chosen time. The vehicle is delivered with a full tank of gas, and all personal preferences are pre-set.

There’s no limit to how many times members can change cars a month, said BMW, even if it means changing cars daily.

Pricing runs from $2,000 to $3,700 a month, depending on the tier. The fees include the membership fee, maintenance, insurance, and roadside assistance.

“Subscription-based services are of emerging interest for our customers, and we’re excited to be offering a mobility service to meet their individual and evolving needs,” said Ian Smith, CEO of BMW Group Financial Services. “With Access by BMW, our members will enjoy the freedom of personal mobility.”

The subscription model is not meant to bypass traditional dealerships. In the Nashville area, dealers are still responsible for delivering and maintaining the vehicles.

If the pilot program is successful, BMW will likely expand Access by BMW to other parts of the U.S. and, eventually, the world.

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